Wonders of women in fields-now including Indian Forces

Women these days are performing well everywhere and in every field. Wonders of women in fields-now including Indian Forces.

If you look at the history of the world, women have always proved themselves. Because have always   performed extremely well in various locations to maintain the peace in the various hostile zones 

The role of women even began in the Indian Army. After the Indian military nursing service was formed during the British Raj. But it was only in 1992 that the organization then happily started conducting women in medical as well as non-medical roles. 

Women have always proved themselves by even taking an initiative as the fighting arms. So have helped in winning various wars in various ways.

The position of women in the armed forces is described as the main dominant industry. The area where men ruled and perform exceptionally well for the county. Women join as a ground duty staff in the army aviation corps.

The number of women in the Indian army forces has increased almost 3 times over the last decade. Not just in the medical field but also in joining forces as a soldier and a fighter pilot and having various commanding posts in the Indian Army. 

One of the best decisions by the authority it’s inducting women into the armed forces. As today it has over 20,000 women on active duty. 20% of the US population armed forces are Women.

First woman in the army

If you go back to our history, the first time woman ever joined the Indian army forces was in the year 1888. The date of Indian Military Service creation. The service staff of the Indian army at that time had played a very important role as we had in World War I. And everybody was impressed by the performance and their emotions connected with the Army soldier. And later decided to expand and include the women’s Wings in the Indian army force.  This Was done to facilitate women to serve in noncombat in the roles like accounting, communication, and administration to make a bond with everyone around.

Fields with the permanent commission of women:-

Army corps of signals, Dental corps, Education corps, Postal Service corps, Service corps

Corps of Engineers 

Corps of military police 

Intelligent corps 

Military nursing service and Territorial Army

Women in Indian Air Force

Women in the Indian Air Force and their roles include compact and support roles as of September 2020. The Indian Air Force includes 10 Pilots and 18 navigators.

The first-ever woman to join the Indian Air Force was Vijayalakshmi Ramanand who was commissioned into the medical corps. Later retired as a Wing commander from the air force in 1979.

In August 1966 flight lieutenant “Kanta Handa” an Indian Air force medical officer became the first Indian Air Force officer to receive the recommendation for a servicing during the Indo Pakistan war in 2006. Pilot Deepika Mishra plays a role for Sarang Display team. And became the first woman from the Indian Air Force to summit the Mount Everest which even has a documentary on it, called “Gunjan Singh”

Women in the Indian navy 

The Indian Navy is also similar to the Indian Air Force and Indian army. In October 1976 Dr Babraj George became the first woman officer in the Indian Navy to attain the rank of commander. She joined the Navy in 1961 and was also the very first medical officer to receive a permanent navel Commission 

After her death in 1968, Dr. Punita Arora was the first woman in the Indian Navy to reach the second-highest rank as the lieutenant general and the first female vice -Admiral.

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