Maha Shivaratri: Importance-Celebration

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival that commemorates Lord Shiva annually. Shiva’s heavenly dance, Tandava, which he performs at night time, is of very importance. Lets read more about Maha Shivaratri: Importance-Celebration.

We celebrate Shivratri is on the 14th day of the lunar calendar, and the day preceding the new moon. The period of February-March is Mahashivratri, the much more religiously auspicious of the 12 Shivratris which occur each year.

On such a day, the northern hemisphere of the earth is in position in such a manner that each species receives a spontaneous surge of vitality. It’s the period when everything around you is pushing you to attain your spiritual peak. We arranged a night-long celebration in this legacy to get usage of everything.

Shivratri – The Month’s Darkest Night:


Shivratri is the darkest night of the month. Each year we celebrate Shivratri and the particular day, Mahashivratri, looks to become a dismal event. Every logical person will instinctively prefer sunlight against blackness.

The word “Shiva” literally means “something that is not.” “That what is” is immortality and creation. Shiva represents “what’s not.” If their vision is for little things, “That which is not” says that if you raise your eyes looking around, you will see a wealth of imagination. If you seek massive entities with your eyes broad opened, you will realize that immense emptiness is the biggest representation in the cosmos.

Shivratri’s Importance:

Shiva and Shakti, the authoritarian and feminine energies that maintain the world in balance, may meet united during Shivratri evening. In Hindu tradition, this is a solemn day commemorating “trying to transcend darkness and ignorance in a lifetime.”

On that day, Lord Shiva and Deity Parvati believed reported to just have married. That day, people fasted to find excellent life partners. The important Indian celebration, which almost all Hindus celebrate across the country. It resembles overcoming darkness and incompetence in a lifetime. Since the 5th century, we celebrate this festival. In the Kashmiri areas, we call this festival as Har-Ratri.


Among the numerous Hindu festivals, Maha Shivratri is not an especially joyous occasion. This is a moment for personality and thought to grow, as well as letting out of everything that is limiting our advancement.

Many individuals do pooja and jagrans throughout the day, whereas others conduct pujas and jagrans in the evenings. On Maha Shivratri, devotees also fast for the whole day, eating once only after showering. Fasting is done not just to earn Lord Shiva’s blessings, but also to challenge one’s willpower.

The Importance of Staying Awake on Mahashivratri Night:

Also Keeping up several times is a sign of mindfulness and closeness with the religious seeker’s goal. So one can afford to slouch for just a moment on such a vital night.

The major purpose of remaining alive for the whole Mahashivratri night is to make the nights full of awareness, not only to stay up. Also the most difficult task is to make midnight an awakening night for the kids.

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