Improving the employability of the Indian youth

After the world’s pandemic covid 19, Indian employability has been a major concern. Because Improving the employability of the Indian youth helps in economic growth.

Employment is a solution to all the major problems of people in any country. Because a well earning person is able to afford good living and nutritious diet.

They can satisfy the basic necessity of food and shelter. But, without money nothing is possible.

The main reason of unemployment is the Education System of India – According to the Youth.

 Students don’t have any fault in this as they are simply learning from the books and teachers. 

Recently the Ministry of Labor and Employment and UNICEF have signed a statement of intent to improve employment in India. 

  Every 5th person in India belongs to the age of 15 to 24 is unemployed – According to the census 2011. But the Working of UNICEF is for general welfare of Children on a National Level.

Purpose of collaboration 

It is intended to provide a platform for cooperation between the ministry and UNICEF to leverage existing mainstream initiatives taken by both parties in selected states. So the employability improves at a faster pace. Because of which every children gets a chance to get Education.

This collaboration will create employment with various solutions at scales to tackle the unemployment of adolescence and the youth in India. It will focus on the extremely vulnerable population.

To be specific vulnerable populations include the people with special needs. But Youth living in Institutions, and victims of child labor and violence cannot afford good employment.

This collaboration even aims to connect people with employment opportunities. So as to educate them in areas and skills like financial skills, vocation skills, etc.

 It helps in supporting job forecasting by exploring the gaps and support in the dialogue between youth and the policies stakeholders.

Initiatives are taken by the Indian Government

The Government of India has taken other initiatives also to improve employability 

  • National Youth policy 2014
  • Prime Minister’s Employment generation program 
  • Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana

Increase public expenditures on schemes like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment guarantee scheme. Which is run by the Ministry of Rural Development and Deendayal Ayodhya Yojana – a national Urban livelihood mission run by the Ministry of housing as well as urban affairs.

Employability scenarios in India 

The employability scenario of Indians is quite a concern for our nation. A report of MBA graduates figure out that at least 40% of Management student remains invisible to the recruiters. For them they live beyond the top thousand campuses. Apart from this there was a report that said that as many as 60% of management graduates did not make it to the deserving. Because they like that level of English speaking confidence in them.

Apart from MBA graduates, the scenario for Engineers is also quite similar. The national employability report for engineering graduates reveals that only 17% of the total engineering talent producers in India meet physical requirements for the IT product industry. Because a good education supports greater employability.

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