Mission-  save our deep seas

Deep-sea mission which is also known as “samudrayaan” program is an initiative taken by the Indian government. To undertake the deep-sea exploration focus on India’s exclusive economic zones as well as the Continental shelf. So this program consists of various crucial metals composed of minerals like manganese, copper, and iron hydroxide. Mission- save our deep seas helps regulates the climate.

The study of the ocean in India begin when the Government-sponsored the program on polymetallic not used initiated by CSIR NIO with the collection of the first not dual sample from the Arabian Sea on board the first research vessel on 26th January 1981.

The international seabed authority and autonomous International Organization established under the 1982 UN convention, On the law of the sea allotted the area for deep-sea mining.

Goals and objectives of the mission:-

The center has drawn up a 5 year plan with the cost of 8000 crores for Research and study of the ocean floor. But we need to start early.

The objectives of the plan are to include research work so it can result in information of a road map on climate change and help in developing a desalination plant powered by tidal energy.

One of the key projects which can enable the above research is a creation of a submersible vehicle that can explore depths of at least 6000 m. Mission- save our deep seas creates millions of jobs.

Development of Technology for sea mining, underwater vehicles, and underwater robotics full stop development of ocean climate change advisory services. Proof of concepts is used on energy and freshwater from the ocean.

And establishing advanced Marine stations for Ocean biology.

It focuses on developing a suite of observations. And models to deeply understand and provide future projections of important climate variables on seasonal to decadal time periods.

Bioprospecting of deep-sea flora and fauna. Including microbes and studies on Sustainable utilization of deeply by resources will be the main focus

Highlight of the mission:-

The estimated cost of the entire project is 4000 crores.

It will be a mission mode project to support the blue economy (water economy) initiative of the Government of India. So everyone should contribute in it.

The Technologies and expecites needed in such missions are now available in only five countries US, Russia, France, Japan, and China. But should be in more countries.

India will become 6th country to have this technology and expertise. So making it a powerful resource for the mission.

Study and various research on the climatic changes in the ocean is studied through this mission.

Through this mission –

Tasks like deep-sea mining, energy exploration surveys on the objects found, and Offshore desalination will be taken up rigorously. 

We will be able to discover hidden and undiscovered parts of the ocean. But the research should be kept continued.

Significance of the mission:-

Oceans that cover 70% of the globe remain a part of our life. So about 95% of the deep oceans remain and explode. 3 sides of India a surrounded by the ocean and around 30% of the country’s population lives in coastal areas which means that Ocean is the major economic factor supporting the trees and aquaculture tourism as well as blue trade.

Oceans also act as a storehouse of food, energy, minerals, medicines, and modulator of weather and climate.

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