How to make Tea/chai ?

How to make Tea/chai ? In India, one of the most popular and common, and preferable drinks St, which is also known as trying it, is drunk by the majority of Indians irrespective of their class, general, and area. 

In India, 62% of the population totally agree with the statement that India is a dominantly achieved drinking Nation where they prefer good content of milk and tea leaves. How to make Tea/chai ? lets read out more

India has a culture where guests are offered various beverages, which includes offering tea or coffee.

The generation drinking tea is declining as in gen x, 67% of people were into a tree, while in the Gen z, only 49% of people prefer tea. How to make Tea/chai ? Lets read out more.

What is tea ?

How to make Tea/chai ?

How to make Tea/chai ? Tea is a hot or cold beverage that has its origins in China. It was first introduced in 59 BC China. Tea is an aromatic beverage that is prepared by boring hot or boiling wood water over freshly old leaves of Evergreen shrubs. How to make Tea/chai ?

In India, tea is also known as Chai and is drunk popularly and widely. 

In India, there are very sweet preparing tea and is served in various types which depend on the cooling and the taste and even on the preparation style.

The first day which was ever introduced in the Western parts was to the merchants in China during the 16th century in the duration he was commonly known as cha. How to make Tea/chai ?

With the popularity, they started to export, and the first time he was feverish in Europe was in the year 6 or 7, when the touch East India Company moved a cargo of tea from one country to another. Later after two years, the Dutch even bought the first assignment of tea leaves and shipped them to Europe.

The cultivation and harvesting of the Tea is basically grown on Hills in the Terrace cultivation form. 

The tea plant is basically propagated from seeds and cuttings, and after 4 to 12 years, the plant needs to be a seed, and about three years the, before the new planted, is ready to harvest.

When the tea plant is left undigested, it usually grows up to 16 m and can be plugged after

On the top of 2.5 to 5 m, much of your plans where the plants are mature and can be plucked, and the leaves are called flushes. How to make Tea/chai ?

How to make Chai 

The ingredients in Chai are milk, spices, sweetener, and water. 

It always includes milk and milk as it brings out the richness Of Spices. 

The spices can include a variety of them. Cantonment is the most common ingredient, which is even followed by various cinnamon mixtures, cloves, pepper, etc. 

The sweet near is the plain white sugar which is the most common straightener in India, and broad it is used to bring a concentrated sweet flavor to Chai.

The steps are as follows for making Tea/Chai

  1. Measure milk and pour it into the kettle.
  2. Usually, Chai has 3/4 of milk for better taste and quality. 
  3. Add water accordingly. 
  4. Heat it till it starts boiling 
  5. Cut and wash ginger. Crush the ginger and put it into the pan as soon as it starts boiling. 
  6. One can even add various spices such as cinnamon,  cloves, and other spices according to their own taste and preferences. 
  7. Boil it for a while so that spices can dissolve and give their taste to the tea.
  8. Add sugar according to taste 
  9. Now tea is ready to be served.

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