Best Food Around The World

Best Food Around The World – We, humans, live to eat we humans work hard and money to live and, in short, our life starts from eating and as well as ends with eating. Food is a substance which contains various proteins carbohydrates facts various minerals as well as calcium which are very important for the proper growth of an organism and to maintain sustainable growth and carry on the various important biological functions inside our body. Best Food Around The World are many.

There are various kinds of food available –

People who eat too much food are called fat people who are who don’t it any food are called thin while people who cannot control their diet often suffer from malnourishment or obesity.  There are more than 100 + countries in the world and every country do have a specialty of flavors as well as cuisines present on the planet. Best Food Around The World includes Indian food.

Each country has a special Spice which makes the food as well as taste different from the other countries and has been his preferences in their food habits

Best food around the world. 

1. The Indian food

Best Food Around The World – We Indians are known for spices and a colorful dishes

India being a girl country full of various cultures and religions is full of different variety quality and taste of foods from South Indian to extremely not Indian from Mughlai cuisine to Chinese cuisine everything is available and is extremely loved by the citizens of the country 

Best Food Around The World

The best foods in India are:

1. Butter chicken 

2. Biryani

3. Rajma

4. Chole bhature 

5. Idli sambhar 

6. Poha.

7. Jalebi 

8. Kadhai paneer

9. Kebabs are naan 

10. And the never-ending list 

2. Butter popcorn in the United States

In the US people prefer but a popcorn which is a great snacks food for them which is the offer enjoy while watching movies and Binge Watching on Netflix late at night.

3. Masala Dosa India

This is crispy rice battle which is filled with a spicy mixture of mashed potatoes which is eaten by dipping it in the chutney of coconut and pickles

This is one of the very famous as well as common dishes from South India which is often eaten by people in the morning as well as at the night 

4. Crispy tattoo chips in the United Kingdom

It is very strange as well as you need to hear that people in the UK before potato chips over everything else

All the people here are extremely into bacon and chicken but crispy potato chips or something they cannot live without they love to have it with burgers and cooks as well as fries

5. Som Tam from Thailand 

This is one of the most famous salads from Thailand which is sprinkled with pound garlic and chilies. This even has been species of the various fishes and aquatic animals along with various vegetables and Pepper. Above was the list of Best Food Around The World.

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