Why did Sajid Left Bigg Boss?

Why did Sajid Left Bigg Boss – The January 15 episode of Bigg Boss 16 was somewhat surprising. It saw Sajid Khan making an exit from the BB house as his agreement had finished. This left the ‘mandi’ in tears as they shared a decent bond.  Bigg Boss even gave a long close-to-home discourse to say farewell to the movie producer.

Fans are fighting via virtual entertainment requesting his quick expulsion from Bigg Boss 16. Netizens are blaming the creators for needing to report no disposal at whatever point he is getting assigned.

Why did Sajid Left Bigg Boss
Why did Sajid Left Bigg Boss

In the midst of this intensity, we have a fascinating update about Sajid Khan’s agreement with the creators of the show. According to inside sources, the dubious movie producer has given a base stay till January 15.

Along these lines, there is no possibility of him getting ousted before that. In the event that within data is anything to go by, Sajid Khan could head back home on January 21 or 22 only half a month prior to the finale. Nonetheless, we need to trust that the impending episodes will get an authority affirmation.

Why did Sajid Left Bigg Boss?

The promotion shows Bigg Boss talking about how Sajid Khan took the hard choice of coming on the show to reconnect with his fans and how he was the only one in the house who was regarded by every single housemate. Bigg Boss additionally expressed that among a large number of stories told by the producer, the narrative of Bigg Boss 16 will likewise be among them.

In his goodbye discourse, Sajid joins his hands and says with tears in his eyes, “jo simple Kisi se bhi jhagde ho, haath joke Mafi manta hu. Lekin aap logo ka bahut support Raha (I overlap my hands to apologize to every one of those I battled with. Yet, you individuals upheld me a great deal).”

1. The episode saw Bigg Boss enduring an onslaught as a few excluded individuals in dark outfits with their countenances covered went into the house. They had firearms in their grasp. They immediately encompassed Sajid Khan leaving everybody pondering.

2. It was an exceptional shock by Bigg Boss for Sajid Khan as he was going to leave the show. BB set up his photos in the nursery region and discussed his battle of remaining secured in the house for a very long time prior to coming into the Bigg Boss 16 house. It was the present time for him to make a film, consequently, it’s better he goes out. BB additionally said that Sajid is the first to be regarded and adored by every single hopeful and that he is cherished by all.

3. From that point onward, it was reported that the movie producer will leave the show now as his agreement has finished. His dear companions and mandli – Nimrit Ahluwalia, MC Stan, and Sumbul Touqeer – cried miserably and requested that he not leave the show. Each contender got profound seeing Sajid go, truth be told.

4. Sajid Khan then, at that point, said thanks to Bigg Boss for the caring words and the delightful amazement. He was overpowered by how he was respected in the house. He likewise said thanks to every one of the competitors for supporting him. He uncovered that he realized he needed to leave.

5. After Sajid’s leave, Shiv said “Yaar Apni mandali ka wear chala gaya

6. In the meantime, in one more section of the episode, BB facilitated a cooking rivalry for the male competitors of the house. Eventually, Tina, Archana, and Priyanka pronounced Shiv to be the victor of the cooking rivalry.

Sajid Khan left Bigg Boss

7. A watcher remarked on the promotion, “Sajid played well. His external professional picture didn’t let him be valued by the crowd. He was a great player and his game was superior to Shiv.” One more expressed, “Ye to hona howdy the Eski Abdu Ke Bina es show mein koi presence hey nahi this. Ye Abdu ke Karan hey itna tika or dikh rha that (this will undoubtedly occur; he had no presence in the show without Abdu. He was apparent simply because of him).”

8. A remark additionally implied how Sajid’s agreement with the channel was finished. It read: “It’s all pre-arranged. Koi votes toh Mila nahi. In any case, end hoga toh bejati ho Jayega. Contract bhi to twelfth take that (He got no votes and the end would have been an affront, his agreement was likewise till January 12).”

A watcher likewise inquired, “Why are you giving such a lot of publicity to him he doesn’t merit it subsequent to seeing his genuine face in BB house I in a real sense began despising him.” An individual additionally referred to his exit as “no love lost”.

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