Walkman Part 2 Web Series Review

Walkman Part 2 Web Series – Platform Ullu release date upcoming web series Walkman part 2 trailer on YouTube the genre of this web series is fantasy, drama, and romance. Currently, the Ullu app releases two web series every week. Everyone in the world loves the Ullu web series as shown in the previous part of the Walkman web series.

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Roshani gets married her husband doesn’t satisfy her. Roshni tells this to her sister-in-law there this part shows that Roshan is taken by her sister-in-law to a doctor she romances the doctor and fulfills her sexual desire seeing the romance between her sister-in-law and doctor Roshni getting the idea of full filling her desire.

Walkman Part 2 Web Series

Roshni gets into an affair with her husband’s friend and you can see the whole story through the web series. which has been released by Ullu in the last few weeks the blue app has given back to back top class web series.

you can watch all the episodes online of this web series on the web but one thing you have to make sure that the Ullu app is not free it could be best if you brought a subscription for watching web series it’s subscription plan is just 297 rupees per year if you buy an Ullu app subscription you can watch any web series released on the app this web series was released on Ullu.

 you can see the release date below if you are talking about the Walkman part 2 cast it is Ridhima Tiwari,   Dhiraj, Komal Sharma, and Aayushi Jaiswal.

Walkman 2 was released on 7 October 2022 only on this web series has two episodes every episode is 15 to 30 minutes Walkman part 2 was released in English, Hindi Bhojpuri,  Kannada, and various other languages.

As Roshini’s fantasies drive her desires to a fever pitch, she begins to lose control and succumb to her temptations at every volume. A new addition to gender narratives through her Walkman leads her into a fog of confusion between reality and her imagination.

Walkman Part 2 is his Hindi Indian web series by Ullu. Series Ridhima Tiwari and Komal Sharma have appeared in the series. This is a web series of Ullu Originals.

Walkman Part 2 Web Series

Directed by SSK, Walkman Part 2 is an original web series by Ullu that tells the story of Roshni, played by Riddhima Tiwari, who cannot be satisfied in and out of bed. She discovers a Walkman and some tapes, unexpectedly adding color to her monochromatic life, and embarks on a fun and exciting sensual adventure on a roller coaster.

Walkman Web Series of Ullu Reviews:

Most of his films are now available on his OTT platform. Since the dawn of the digital platform era, the trend toward web series has also increased. The bold and intimate scenes in the web series are the most important part these days. Today is the most daring web-published today at Ullu. I would like to talk about the series “Walkman Part 3”.


The series revolves around a woman who becomes obsessed with her Walkman for wild fantasies. This story is about the countryside where a man does his best to please his wife, but the woman has great imagination and satisfaction.

Walkman Part 2 Web Series

She later falls in love with her nephew and develops a physical relationship with him. Many bold and intimate scenes in this series will keep you hooked.

The series cast Ridhima Tiwari as the main lead. She pushed all boundaries in front of the camera and gave a very intimate scene. Her daring scenes have garnered a great response on her social media. The series is streamed on the Ullu app.

Fans love this series because of the unique tension in the story. Ridhima Tiwari goes all out in this web series of hers. Bold Web Her series are released multiple times each week and are loved by more viewers than movies. You can also enjoy watching this series with its unique story.

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