Top 10 B-Schools In India

Top 10 B-Schools In India – A business school is an institution that offers a master’s degree in the business of Administration or Management courses

Students give me to pursue a degree in Masters’ administration after the graduation from non-University. Top 10 B-Schools In India

A normal Business School provides students education, as well as the qualification for the management in various organizations, and that is known as the school of Management or Business Administration.

It deals with various topics such as accounting

Business analytics




Management Science 

Public Relations 

Organizational behavior 


sales and so much more. 

Most the business schools are supposed to have 4 C’s which represent the four corners 





The world’s first business school was Saint in the 18th century in Europe and later started multiplying by the beginning of the 19th century. Top 10 B-Schools In India.

A business school is simply and college which can be affiliated with any university and can issue the degree of the same University there are various ways in which a normal business school is different from another college or university 

University is a place where students can have various degrees and various options. There are various Top 10 B-Schools In India.

From the degree in psychology to the degree in history to even have a degree in mathematics students can have it all. Top 10 B-Schools In India.

In a University a student is surrounded by various diverse people the class size is very large and ages can range from 17 to 30 people go for their personal and career interests and are basically nearby their residency.

The education quality at university is the best

Student study courses within the same degree and gets a bachelor’s degree while in a business school a student is graduated with a master’s degree.

Altho sometimes a business school can be integrated as well as an independent School as well

In an independent business school, no other discipline is taught there is only engaged into the field of business and a more career-focused than theory focused.

These colleges provide me this internship programs as well as try their best to get the best placement for the students so that they can start their careers at the best position.

In  B school students are supposed to stay within their campus in the hostels and B-Schools are very much smaller in comparison to a university. We have a list of Top 10 B-Schools In India

Top business schools in India 


Top 10 B-Schools In India

Indian Institute of Management located in Ahmedabad tops the list with a fee structure of 23 lakhs per year

Students can get admission with having a graduation score of 50% and after giving examinations such as cat and Gate. We have Top 10 B-Schools In India.



It is ranked 2 all India rank, with a fee structure of 28.60 lakhs. 



Ranks 3 with a fee of 25.01 lakhs 

4. IIM Kozhikode 

IIM Kozhikode 

Ranks 4 with a fee of 20 lakhs 

5. Department of management studies, IIT Delhi 

IIT Delhi

Ranks 5 with a fee of 20.01 lakhs 

6. IIM Indore

IIM Indore

with a fee of 16.61 lakhs 

7. IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow

with a fee of 19.25 lakhs 

8. XLRI Xavier School of Management

XLRI Xavier School of Management

with a fee of 23. 00 lakhs 



With a fee of 25. 80 lakhs 

10. IIT  Bombay

IIT  Bombay

with a fee of 21. 00 lakhs.

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