Shalin accuses Tina Dutta – Bigg Boss 16

Shalin accuses Tina Dutta of hopping starting with limited and then onto the next, she takes steps to slap him; A gander at their monstrous battles. Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot continue to stand out as truly newsworthy for their contorted relationship in Bigg Boss 16.

The two, who had prior admitted to having feelings for one another, are going to get into a warm contention in this evening’s episode and express a few frightful things. Here’s looking at a portion of their biggest battles this season. In this evening’s episode of the unscripted TV drama, it is shown that Shalin chooses to go with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the captain.

Shalin accuses Tina Dutta
Shalin accuses Tina Dutta

Strategies against each other

Tina objects to it and uncovers a few days ago he was speaking against Nimrit and presently taking this call. Indeed, even Priyanka Chahar Choudhary agrees with Tina’s position. The last option lets him know he is a terrible individual and adds, “Himmat nahi hai akele Baat Karne ki, akele khelne ki.”

Their battle takes a monstrous turn when Shalin asks Tina not to say that he is a ‘liar’ or ‘dogala’. He tells Tina, “Whenever you are finished with one person (points finger at himself), you go to another person (points at Stan).” Tina gets angry and shouts, “Zubaan sambhal ke Baat Kar Shalin Bhanot.

I’m going to slap you. Khud ki biwi ki nobility Nahi Rakha Shalin Bhanot, you are pointing fingers at my personality?” Shalin accuses Tina of making him truly regret his companionship with Sumbul when there was nothing from her side. Afterward, Tina reminds him he’s a 40-year-elderly person, not a youngster, and adds that he doesn’t merit her.

In a past incident, Ankit Gupta had requested that Shalin pick either a letter from his family or save Tina. Shalin picked the previous which made Tina upset. She left and Shalin followed her. This time he didn’t appease her however took out the entirety of his repressed disappointment on her.

In his enraged state, he wound up throwing a lighter that landed right close to Tina. She blew up at him and blamed him for trying to hit her. Regardless of their liking for one another, Tina and Shalin have had vast battles. One of them was when Tina had let Shalin know that she definitely disapproves of his forceful way of behaving.

Shalin accuses Tina Dutta

She even proceeded to contrast him and her ex. This made Shalin upset and battle with her. She settled not to converse with him. Nonetheless, later at MC Stan’s show, the two did a nearby heartfelt hit on the dance floor with one another where she told him, “You have made me experience passionate feelings for you, Sha.”

Shalin and Tina Fight

The entire episode of Tina fighting with Shalin and afterward dancing with him didn’t go down well with quite a large number. Shalin accuses Tina Dutta She was called out for this by Salman Khan. He condemned her for keeping Shalin confounded. Indeed, even Farah, who had shown up in the family week, told Tina she treats the BB canine better than Shalin.

Tina once let Priyanka know that whoever will be a major part of Shalin’s life will either end it all or slap him. She had focused on her past too. At the point when Shalin got to be familiar with this through his mother, crap hit the fan.

After the two chose to maintain distance, Shalin’s mother informed him concerning a portion of Tina’s remarks against him. She cautioned him to avoid her as she was using her. Shalin then went to Tina and told her not to express such things behind his back. He cautioned that even he knows a great deal about her that can be utilized against her. Tina told him not to attempt to compromise her.

Shalin accuses Tina Dutta

After the allegations, Tina Datta freaked out and lifted her hand, threatening to slap Shalin Bhanot. She then, at that point, alluded to the entertainer’s disagreeable relations with his ex Dalljiet Kaur and said, “Khud ki biwi ki nobility Nahi rakhta ghatiya admi (you were unable to try and shield your wife’s pride, you are a disgusting individual).”

Tina likewise said something about Shalin’s hitched life and said that one who couldn’t regard his own significant other shouldn’t condemn another person’s personality.

Reacting to this, Shalin Bhanot let Tina Datta know that she generally thinks to a lesser extent a bond shared by a man and a lady, referring to his situation with Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Prior to the show, Shalin was seen maintaining distance from Sumbul after he was told by Tina that the television entertainer cares deeply about him.

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot continued fighting and calling each other names all through the episode. The subtitle close by the promotion read, “Nimrit ki captaincy ke Chalte chhid Gayi Tina, Priyanka aur Shalin ke beech about Badi Jung (Because of Nimrit’s captaincy, Tina, Priyanka, and Shalin began a major fight).”

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