OMG, LOL!!! Use of Slangs by our current generation

Women use language to communicate and express their feelings. Different languages are being spoken in different countries as well as cities across the world. Use of Slangs by our current generation helps them understand language in a easier way.

There are various types of languages for people who can speak and the people who can’t speak. Very some type of development happens every year because language development is very common, and the credit for the new language development goes to the young generation for bringing up this slang.

Slangs in a way connect every teenager across the earth as they often use these in the same way, but is also a problem while communicating with other people. 

Adults find is very uneasy and inconvenient to always use it and to be updated with this.

By definition, slang is a vocabulary of having informal and very common words which are avoided in any formal writing. It even includes various short forms which is often used in a proper group for the members to establish the group identity and have personal conversations.

The current generation is using slang to show their independence, sound cool, and Even fit within their friend circle.

Planck does not only come up with short forms but also cool words to demonstrate another word or a phrase or even a situation. So makes conversation easier.

Few slangs are basically just the short forms of various long sentences. For example:-

D D LJ – This slang is basically the short form of a movie that was released in the year 1998, known as ” Dilwale  Dulhaniya le Jayenge “

Now it’s almost a new normal for kids and people to talk in slang. Use of Slangs by our current generation is an example of new era.

Birth of slangs 

Social media and digital conversations gave birth to it.

Kids while talking to their friends started talking and using slang such as 

LOL, LMAO, RN, ASAP, and many more.

Popular slangs : 

1. Fam –  a short word basically used instead of family. 

2. Stan – a combination of the words stalker and fan.

This word is used for someone who is a fan who stops and is obsessed with somebody but not in a creeping way 

3. W.

Gen Z simple uses it to demonstrate “win” 

4. Ghosting 

The young generation is using this term when somebody that’s to ignores them or stops texting them

Basically used in the early phases of a relationship 

5. Boujee 

This word is used for something which is extremely fancy 

6. Gotcha- 

This slang is used in the place of ” got it “, or even fir “understood it”. 

7. Snack 

This time is used by the youth for demonstrating somebody whose extremely attractive 

8. L

Stands for loss which is the opposite of this w 

9. Bop

It is used when an album or a song or a movie is exceptionally amazing and great

10.  Iykyk 

This slang is a short form of “if you know you know” which is basically used during a sarcastic for a very funny conversation.

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