Ola S1 Pro proprietor regrets shopping for electric-powered scooter because of predominant great lapses & terrible service

Ola S1 Pro proprietor regrets shopping for electric-powered scooter because of predominant great lapses & terrible service

Ola has come to be the communication of the town, in particular when they began out imparting the S1 Pro electric powered scooter in India. Being a brand new product, many clients have confronted quite a few troubles with the brand new Ola S Pro. Here is a patron who has written approximately his revel in with the brand new Ola S1 Pro and the demanding situations he confronted in the course of his brief ownership.

The proprietor Sierra_foxtrot has shared his enjoyment of T-BHP. According to his first submission on the fifth of March, the proprietor was given the scooter and stated that he was given extraordinarily glad about the journey great and the layout of the scooter. However, he confronted a whole lot of great troubles which include damn sound from the headlight and the touchscreen unit.

However, his actual troubles began whilst he parked his Ola S1 Pro scooter to open the gate of his domestic, and multiple seconds after that, the scooter fell sideways. He discovered that the scooter was given numerous scratches on the frame panel. The fall additionally broke the brake manage for the scooter. The proprietor constantly the panel gaps with the aid of using pushing them however he claims that the scooter fell due to the poorly engineered side-stand.

Ola S1 Pro owner regrets buying electric scooter due to major quality lapses & bad service

Ola Customer Service

The proprietor of the Ola S1 Pro scooter known as the consumer took care of 5 days however couldn’t get through. On the 6th day, he became linked with a consumer care govt who listened to the issues and stated that he’s going to want to bodily take a look at the scooter to evaluate the damages.

The proprietor of the scooter additionally claims that the Ola consultant showed that around five clients have confronted comparable trouble with the scooter. According to the proprietor, the consultant stated that during Chennai, those clients confronted comparable troubles of damaged handles, and presently Ola is out of inventory of scooter handles.

Ola arranged RSA

Ola organized a pickup of the scooter from the house of the proprietor with Road Side Assistance (RSA) services. The proprietor says that Ola became very proactive in noting down all of the troubles and confidence him that the scooter can be constant and can be back to him the following day. 

The proprietor says that the Ola did now no longer name him for 3 days after taking returned the scooter. When he was referred to as the Ola purchaser service, they advised the purchaser that they were looking ahead to a go-beforehand from the proprietor. The proprietor gave the go-beforehand however the scooter did now no longer attain him withinside the subsequent days as well. 

Ola referred to as returned the following day and advised him that the scooter can be constant via way of means of the night however considering the fact that RSA does now no longer paintings after 6 PM and on Sundays, the scooter can be back to him on Monday, that is a running day. The proprietor referred to as some humans and ensured that he receives the transport on Sunday.

Shoddy job

The scooter turned into introduced to him on Sunday however the proprietor says that they did a completely shoddy activity with large panel gaps all around. The electric-powered motor has begun out making noise, which turned into now no longer there initially. When he referred to it as the Ola service, they did now no longer solve the decision however he despatched the photos of the scooter. 

The proprietor claims that Ola did now no longer offer any evidence of replacements and he did now no longer get hold of any bill for the activity done.