Most Expensive Phones After Apple

Most Expensive Phones After Apple – Money brings luxury and that is no limit to luxury people who have lots of money even spend a lot of money on the large lifestyles which include expensive gadgets cause big mansions and lots more 

How can they not have expensive phones in India or another part of the country normal iPhone or Apple is one the most expensive phones while few people surpass this list and go for the most expensive phones in the world?

In the normal life of a billionaire or a millionaire A fancy car can cost up to 411 and even yatch can cause up to 5890

These rich people tend to spend up to 82000 on entertainment and have a personal trainer whom they pay 1340 per hour, thus which justifies their taste and high standard of lifestyle. So in this article we will read more about most expensive phones after apple.  

Top expensive phones after iPhone

1. The vertu signature Cobra phone for 310 000

Most Expensive Phones After Apple
The vertu signature Cobra

The brand vertu has a very high reputation for creating some of the most luxurious and unique phones in the world and the signature Cobra edition is one of them it has a series of 8 phones and each phone can cost up to 310 000 

Each of these sets is assembled by hand in the UK and is designed by a French Jewelry Company known as the Boucher on  Vertu. 

2. The Goldvish Revolution price 488 150

The Goldvish Revolution

This phone is produced by a brand known as gold wish 

This phone is among the most expensive phones ever created on the planet and the phone shape is the one which makes it extremely different and unique and as to it the exclusive appearance it is made up of white pink gold fine leather as well as diamonds which gives a very smooth Glass display case 

3. Gresso Luxor  lav Vegas jackpot for 1 million 

Gresso Luxor  lav Vegas jackpot

One must have to be really rich to own a Las Vegas Jackpot phone by the Grasso the world’s most famous accessive designer this phone cost 1 million and is one of the most expensive phones in the world it has a limited edition of only 3 units where each unit has it only number in Grave on the backside of the dial phone this phone is made up of expressive and Shiny 180 grams of gold and black diamonds were each diamond is of 45.5 carats

4. Diamond Crypto smartphone for 1.3 million dollars

Diamond Crypto smartphone

We can determine through this phone then how much rich people love diamonds they even go for Diamond took to a smartphone which is again one of the most expensive phones in the world this phone is designed by Alison and is manufactured by JSC Ancort. 

This phone has 10 red -blue color diamonds and small wood of wood which are attached to the size of the phone it has solid Platinum and the home button is made up of rose gold

5. iPhone 3G King button for 2.5 million 

iPhone 3G King button

This phone is specially designed by an Australian designer known as Peter Allison which is made up of 18 carats yellow-white as well as rose gold this has Golden strips which run on the entire as of the phone and it is decorated with 158 diamonds.

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