MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat

MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat – MC Stan arose as the victor of Bigg Manager 16 on February 12. Bollywood hotshot and Bigg Supervisor 16 host Salman Khan made the declaration at the stupendous finale.

MC Stan’s triumph lighted a warm discussion on the web and left Bigg Supervisor 16 watchers separated. Numerous BB fans were expecting Shiv Thakare or Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to lift the prize as they were “more dynamic” and “engaging” than Stan.

MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat
MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat

Not long after Stan was reported the victor of Bigg Manager 16, the hashtag ‘undeserving champ’ started moving on Twitter, with fans communicating their disappointment. In any case, Stan is undeterred by the analysis, and decently so. The rapper, who hails from Pune, partakes in an enormous fan following.

In spite of his group not being dynamic via web-based entertainment during Stan’s visit inside the house, the rapper figured out how to lift the prize. This is proof that Stan has a fan following which goes past virtual entertainment.

In any case, now that the rapper is out of the Bigg Supervisor house, he has begun posting on Instagram. What’s more, you will be shocked to realize that Stan’s Bigg Supervisor 16 winning post with Salman Khan has gotten record-breaking likes and has even outperformed Virat Kohli’s new posts regarding popularity. This was featured by one of the enthusiasts of the rapper via virtual entertainment. Stan’s photograph with Salman has scored more than 6.8 million preferences

Bigg Boss 16 Winner MC Stan Beats Virat Kohli’s Popularity

In addition to this, Stan’s triumphant post has likewise broken the record for being the most-loved post of any Bigg Manager victor. Sidharth Shukla, who was one of the most famous Bigg Supervisor champs ever, has more than 1,000,000 preferences on his triumphant post on Instagram. It shows Sidharth presenting with his mom with Bigg Supervisor 13 prize.

MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat
MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat

Tejaswi Prakash, who is the Bigg Manager season 15, has over 1.3 million preferences on her triumphant post which shows her presenting with her folks and BB 15 prize.

In the meantime, MC Stan ended his quietness on being known as the “undeserving victor” in a new meeting with Indian He said, “I genuinely couldn’t care less about them, mujhe fark nahi padta mom. I really like individuals who get envious. It’s an exceptionally normal feeling in a person. One simply has to acknowledge that this wasn’t intended for them. Very much like most fans, I’m additionally stunned yet I really do feel I had the right to win.”

Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan on defeating ‘brother’ Shiv Thakare

MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat, the well-known rapper astonished everybody by overcoming Shiv Thakare at the finale night and lifting the prize. In any case, that wasn’t it. His triumphant post with Salman Khan has broken records of sorts.

Post his triumph, MC Stan’s post with Salman Khan, offering his thanks to fans, has got record-breaking preferences and remarks. It has north of 69,52,351 preferences and 1,47,545 remarks, the most noteworthy at any point got by any Bigg Supervisor victor up until this point.

MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat
MC Stan Popularity is More than Virat

Indeed, even famous ones like Tejaswi Prakash and Sidharth Shukla stay a long way behind. Not simply past Bigg Manager victors, a netizen likewise contrasted his popularity with Virat Kohli’s by sharing a screen capture where the previous captain has gotten way fewer likes and remarks than Stan on his post.

Virat Kohli is viewed as serious via online entertainment and partakes in a colossal fan following, substantially more than MC Stan. What individuals cannot deny is that after his Bigg Manager 16 triumph, Stan was rammed by quite a few people on Twitter for being an ‘undeserving victor’. In any case, his post and fan following demonstrate in any case.

MC Stan’s group wasn’t dynamic via web-based entertainment during his visit to the house yet he got the greatest votes from his devotees and the people who love his rap.

In the wake of making another record throughout the entire existence of Indian TV by being the very first rapper-vocalist from Mumbai who won the well-known unscripted TV drama Bigg Supervisor 16, crowds and fan-most loved MC Stan whose genuine and crude persona won the hearts of crowds and Mandali fans are on another high as of now.

In numerous ways, MC Stan additionally broke the record of females winning the unscripted TV drama. After quite a while, crowds cherished and loved genuine and crude characters with whom even fans associated. MC Stan is a unique advantage. By winning Bigg Manager 16, Stan has made new history and merited the title.

The artist, referred to for tracks, for example, ”Basti Ka Hasti”, ”Tadipar”, and ”Orientation”, likewise communicated appreciation to his fans and friends and family for their genuine love and back to him in winning the unscripted television series.

Presently fans have hit back at the savages by contrasting any semblance of Stan and Virat Kohli’s ongoing Instagram posts. They have taken to web-based entertainment, sharing screen captures of the MC Stan ongoing post with north of 7 million preferences. While the new post of Virat Kohli has more than 4 million preferences.

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