How To Get Back Your Snapchat Streak

Snapchat Streak – Snapchat is this social media platform that was built in America for instant messaging as well as for sharing pictures for a shorter duration.

This app is supported on mobile which is used to share photos videos text images as well as music it can be downloaded free from the Apple store as well as from Play Store.

One feature which makes it highly preferable is its shorter duration of text as well as photos which makes it safe to use as well as sharing pictures. Snapchat Streak is commonly used these days.

The main purpose of Snapchat’s popularity is the various filters that are present on its lenses it is it can enhance the beauty and can even make a person look one year beautiful with the various filters which are present in it. Snapchat Streak is common.

Snapchat even give the access to contacts through which people can add reference as well as family members are either through phone numbers or the usernames.

After adding they can simply have communication with different and share various pictures no matter from which part of the country or world they belong to.

The best part of Snapchat is that it has a memory where all the pictures are directly saved without taking any storage from the main phone while the only drawback it holds is that it eats up a lot of power quickly. 

It is battery-consuming and the camera quality might decrease depending on the model of the device. 

Snapchat Streak

What is a Snapchat streak?

Snapchat streak is basically The Count of the number of days two people have been sharing photos on Snapchat.

Two friends get to see a streak which is basically a number beside their name if they have been sharing photos but not text for more than three consecutive days as the number increases this streak increases

Altho is if a photo is not shared within the next 24 hours the streaks die, thus it is mandatory to keep sharing photos on Snapchat to continue the streak with friends Snapchat. 

How to get your Snapchat streak back 

It is very often the same two people losing out on the street the due to forgetting to share the pictures or due to internet dis connectivity but hold on the problem is itself solved by the Snapchat company as they provide an option of restoring this Snapchat streak if lost within the next 24 hours

1. The person has to open and sign in to this Snapchat to check whether they have this week or not 

2. Then one must have to tap on the setting icon.

3. Scrolling down the options one will see the option of the support section

4. Under the support section one has to tap on ” I need help ” and then has to tap on the “snap streak” suggestion

5. After clicking on this option one will see the rest of the options and then from there they have to click on the “what is my snap streak has gone” option to let the Snapchat company know about the problem.

6. Then you have to click on the “my snap streak disappeared ” option. 

7. Snapchat then asks you to put in all the details of yours as well as the person with whom u were sharing the streak. 

8. After putting in the details one has to click on and inform the company about the number of streaks they had and about the various issues and the date the issue started. 

9. This is this second last type of the entire procedure where you have to click on the Recapture to ensure that the person is not a robot. 

10. After the entire process one can send the request which Snapchat is under the 24 hours and it is still Snapchat streaks score is above 100 Snapchat restores it and it is below 100, one has surely lost it.

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