Evolution of fashion in the 5 decades

Fashion refers to comfort and confidence while for others it can be being classy and well maintained. Evolution of fashion in the 5 decades is the the example of how fast the world is growing.

Fashion is a form of having various types of clothing accessories and furniture to suit your personality. It can be used by everyone depending on their budget. It is related to culture, for example, people in Sweden wear warm clothes while people in Africa wear thin clothes. Fashion is a source of modifying your overall personality to fit in the society.

The importance of fashion can be seen which led to the development of the fashion industry. One of the highest-paid as well as earning industries in the world.

The fashion industry consists of various levels – the production of raw materials then comes to the fibers and textiles. Which even include leather and fur for the production of various materials and the production of fashion goods by designers. Contractors have the retail selling which even involves advertising, promotion, and marketing of a particular brand to position in the consumer’s mind.

The evolution of fashion over the past years

Over the past few years, the fashion and the meaning of fashion have drastically changed. The passion revolves in a circle what goes eventually comes back in the form of the latest fashion a few years later.

Fashion involves the notification of your clothing accessories hair, jewelry, and shoes to bring out a completely new as well as unique look.

Fashion trends over the years

From wearing oversize, loose clothes to wearing extremely fit, bright and colorful prints, fashion has drastically changed. Evolution of fashion in the 5 decades sets an example for us to see how fastly we can adopt our self according to the world.

Women’s fashion have now become streamlined and minimal whereas kids’ fashion are more inspired by various cartoon characters. While men are now being sophisticated about what they are wearing.

Platform shoes – recently platform shoes were highly in demand which was often word with ripped jeans. These platform sneakers were good enough and came from spice girls who encouraged everyone to wear them. Gucci in 2016 had a version which was pretty more treacherous and a lot more expensive but the spirit of being while and classy remain same. 

Crop tops and ripped jeans-

Crop tops that are shorter than normal tops looks best with high waist jeans.

This combination is very much trendy as a it gives a very young and wild look to the present generation.

Importance of Technology in the fashion industry 

Every industry needs technology to make work more convenient, easy, and perfect.

The introduction and intervention of various Technology has given a huge development in the industry fashion industry has not been an exception at all with technological advancement has made it possible for the growth of the fashion sector to touch the sky.

Back in the early day’s fashion designers used to create every single look with their hands and with their knowledge but with the advancement, in the designing apps, it is now very easy for designers to modify every look and to have a new fashion.

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