The onset of the massive “Hindu-Muslim” scuffle has brought a lot of misery, intrinsic cracks, and struggles between the two religions in our diversified country, India. On 14th April 2002, In the Jahangirpuri area of Delhi.
NCR, on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, the destructive of view of pelting stones on Tableau of God Hanuman has been captured making us feel ashamed of the democratic country’s citizens’ vulgar
actions. On the same day, the Muslim residents of the Jahangirpuri area wanted the worshippers not to play any music in front of” Jama Masjid “area with The Tableau of Hanuman as it is “Ramadaan”, the holy month of Muslims but the resistance from the other group fueled the affairs between the two groups.
Reports state that “ the leading culprit “ Mohd. Ansari “ along with a group of other 200 people started pelting on God Hanuman idol and tiranga shamelessly and set several cars on fire. The culprit has a massive history of crimes which includes getting arrested under the arms act in 2009 . He is also an alcohol seller and runs a batting racket. He is now arrested along with other 25 rioters out of which 17 culprits are under the age of 18 -35, 6 under the age of 18-22, and shockingly 2 are under the age of 18 which helplessly resenting us to think about the future of the youth of our Nation. Their mind and heart have been painted with the venom of casteism and violence making us doubt the future of our Mother India.

Jahangirpuri stone-pelting on hanuman jayanti

The FIR was filed in the evening at 6:20 and A team of police came in-ground for resolving the issue in the process, one of the rioters has been reported to shoot one policeman while 8 members are severely injured. After this mind-shattering incident, 13 oppositional parties came up with a joint statement on Prime minister Narendra Modi’s shocking silence on such explosive incidents. Religious equality has been stored after Narendra Modi came into power and particularly every festival became a flashpoint for communal violence.
The main culprit is MOHD. Ansari has been reportedly arrested but showed no remorse and guilt and also
shamelessly performed famous dialogue of famous movie” PUSHPA” and thus now named “Patharbaaz
Pushpa “by several news channels. Such reckless and vulgar act by him shows him no fear and zero respect for the law and defense system and democracy.
The Central Government along with the state government, and especially Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has spoken to the lieutenant governor and many other police officers to maintain the law, order, and peace in the arena.
Such uncertain situations and continuous fights among two communities will not make the gaps deeper and bigger so in order to maintain peace in the country and the whole World evolving oneself with respect, tolerance and acceptance is essential and run a wave of happiness and peace in mother India.

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