Top 10 Controversies of Abdu in Bigg Boss

Controversies of Abdu
Controversies of Abdu
  • Controversies of Abdu – Abdu Rozik discusses his financial battles and focuses on getting harassed because of his level, Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan are called to the admission room, where Sajid is approached to go about as Abdu’s interpreter. While Sajid continues to decipher everything he says, the two of them experience a few interesting minutes in the house. After he gets the mic, Abdu hits the dance floor with satisfaction and can’t stop talking. At the dinner table, Sajid Khan gets some information about his connections, Controversies of Abdu uncover that he had a sweetheart before however at that point she left him. At the point when gotten some information about the explanation, he shares that now he has a great deal of work so he is very bustling working as opposed to having a relationship.
  • He gets serious about the battles he confronted. Controversies of Abdu uncovers, “We didn’t actually have a decent house to remain in previously. Our home disapproved of water logging. Finally, in the wake of getting acknowledgment and great work, I began earning great and purchased a typical house for my folks. On the off chance that everything goes right, I will purchase a bigger home for them. I used to get harassed in school, they remarked on my level and restricted me from coming to school so I haven’t gotten proper training.” Sajid Khan exhorts him that he ought not to be fretted over what individuals are talking about, that’s what Abdu uncovers “I don’t focus on what are they referring to me, I take it decidedly”. The threesome finally scatters after a profound discussion, MC Stan is very paralyzed listening to Abdu and his battles.
  • Afterward, the Controversies of Abdu and Tina Datta give a thrilling exhibition, Abdu sings the entire melody “Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Maane Na” leaving every one of them stunned. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Gautam Vig, and Soundarya Sharma sing with Abdu and make some affair memories while Tina and Abdu play out the errand.
  • Coming back to Bigg Boss 16, the Controversies of Abdu is the main affirmed competitor of Bigg Boss 16. At a limited-time occasion in Mumbai, Salman Khan declared Abdu’s name as the primary hopeful of the time. With an expansive grin, Abdu Rozik communicated his energy and said, “I love going to the Bigg Boss house… energized, but energized!
  • Bigg Boss 16 affirmed challenger Controversies of Abdu are trending enthusiastic about Google as the crowd is eager to know who all others will be in the current year’s candidates list. On Tuesday, at the question-and-answer session, Salman Khan declared Abdu Rozik as one of the affirmed hopefuls of Bigg Boss 16. Notwithstanding his really young-looking appearance, Abdu is beyond 19 years old. Abdu turned into a short-term internet sensation in 2021 following the recordings of him and Hasbullah fighting and arguing
  • Both Just Sul and Abdu Rozik appreciate gigantic fan bases via web-based entertainment and colossal sensations over the internet. Just Sul, whose genuine name is Shantinath Sul is a Mechanical engineer and an online entertainment sensation. He changed his vocation to turn into a web-based entertainment comic and entertainer.
  • Abdu Rozak hails from Tajikistan. He turned into a sensation with his singing recordings. Aside from singing customary tunes, Abdu additionally sings Hindi melodies. His recordings are very famous via web-based entertainment, and he is one of the most cherished characters. Abdu likewise rose to distinction after a battle with individual Internet sensation Hasbullah Magomedov. The video turned into a web sensation and immediately became a conversation topic. The craftsman has more than 2.5 million supporters on Instagram. He is likewise essential for Salman Khan’s forthcoming film Sabka Bhai Sabki Jaan.
  • Questionable unscripted TV drama will in all probability be sent off on Saturday, October 1 and its final part will be circulated on Sunday, October 2.
  • According to the information given by numerous YouTube recordings, Abdu Rozik experienced rickets in his young life, and because of his family’s financial issues, they couldn’t get him treated which in the end prompted his level to get stale early on. Nonetheless, the proclamation hasn’t been affirmed by Abdu himself.
  • He continued, “I love you, everybody, if it’s not too much trouble, support me as (I’m) Chota Bhaijaan, if it’s not too much trouble, support me, kindly decide in favor of me! Kindly don’t battle with me… I love you,” not long after, Salman gave a disclaimer that Abdu isn’t a youngster, is more seasoned than 18 years, and is especially qualified to go into the Bigg Boss house.

Key points on Controversies of Abdu

Key points on Controversies of Abdu
  • Abdu Rozik is a Tajik Singer and Rapper. He is the world’s littlest singer.
  • Abdu hails from Tajikistan and has a YouTube channel called Avlod Media which has more than 580k supporters.
  • Abdu will before long be seen in Salman Khan’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.
  • Abdu gathered a great deal of popularity after a video of him fighting Hasbullah turned into a web sensation via online entertainment.
  • Netizens like Abdu Rozik and Hasbullah for their little level and incredible character.
Abdu Rozik and Hasbullah

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