College Romance Season 2 Casts And Reviews

College Romance Season 2

This is very likely Pyaar  Ka Punchnama Reloaded, albeit in the campus world. This series is about three couples and their romances and breakups, College Romance, as the name suggests, is set in a campus world with two couples and a single who just broke up.

College Romance Season 2
College Romance Season 2

The setting is again that of Delhi NCR, the environment is young and vibrant, the characters are colorful, the situations are innocent and the mood is mostly upbeat. That’s the ready-to-win treatment that director Apoorv Singh Karki has given to this five-part miniseries, which is currently streaming on Sony LIV.


Primarily for young adults, this movie actually works like a whole movie with a clear beginning, middle, and ending that serves as the true climax. Gagan Arora and Apoorva Arora are a sweet couple exploring love, togetherness, breakup, the virtues of parenthood, misunderstandings, and the ultimate resolution of their problems.

Keshav Sadhna and Shreya Mehta are other couples, the latter a controlling self and the former also a pushover not. He is tolerant, she is bossy, he is emotional, she is strict, and this couple is always a volcano. 

As for Manjot Singh, the center of the show, he is single and very willing to mingle but can’t decide whether to prefer chinki or minki. The web series explores a lot in a two-and-a-half-hour period. Bro codes, premarital sex, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy tests, the ego meeting love, partying hard and partying rich.

It is A visually appealing event. The cinematography, sound design, background music, cinematography, and specific cuts give the series a cinematic feel and make College Romance stand out as a web series.


What could be completely eliminated was the excessive use of swear words. In fact, it wasn’t needed at all because the core script itself had so many funny moments to keep the audience engaged. In fact, it’s not cool at all to be supremely abusive in front of a woman… No, it’s not!

College Romance Season 2
College Romance Season 2

Also, web series take time to catch the attention of viewers. The first few episodes are decent with some funny moments, but it gets better after the third episode. Post that things will only get better and better as each character starts to flesh out nicely and the situation turns out to be interesting too, so don’t look back.

The series is about three friends named Trippy, Karan, and Naina and their college love story. All three fall in love with completely different people. The main plot is the relationship these three of hers share and is very interesting to watch.

We find more strain and problems in their relationship and put their friendship to the test. Season 2 begins as a continuation of Season 1. When the holidays are over, everyone goes back to college. Naira and Baga still have a perfect relationship but Naira plans to go abroad for further studies.

Karan and Deepika have a troubled relationship. Trippy has just broken up and is dating another girl but finds it hard to find closure. Even after going through so much, they all remain friends.

It’s like a movie for young adults or teenagers. All about what’s happening on campus, romance, breakups, and friendships. As the title suggests, about a college romance between Karan and Deepika who have a relationship that is a bit confusing and difficult to adjust to with each other.

College Romance Season 2
College Romance Season 2

Trippy has just broken up and is finding it difficult to graduate. Naira and Bagga are a very cute couple, but Naira plans to go abroad to study abroad and still wants to hug each other, so they decide to start a long-distance relationship. returns to college after vacation and sees Trippy bring in a new girl after a breakup.  

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