Can expectation kills happiness

Humans are born with expectations. This is something that is never-ending and dying. A man spends his entire life raising up his expectation level. His goals and investing himself in the search for love and peace. But does he ever finds it out? Let’s check. Can expectation kills happiness?

What is happiness?

Different people around the globe will have different answers to these simple questions.

Few might think happiness is money. Happiness is based on the other hand few my happiness is being laughed at. While on the other hand majority that to happiness is family. Also Different people’s happiness can mean differently. The term happiness would be used in the context of the mental or emotional state. It includes the positive emotions ranging from satisfaction to Intense joy. 

This research has been conducted to understand the wide variety of scientific disciplines which leads to the happiness state in a human being it includes the social psychology the positive psychology mental state as well as the emotional state of a human being. Can expectation kills happiness?

If we ever talk about personal happiness, it can be affected by cultural factors, which include his family his friends his relationships even workplace culture. Happiness brings out the best in man, the glow and shine and smile all day. The reason for happiness is within self in accepting life and living to its best

What do people expect?

The expectation is in our blood.

We expect we cry, move ahead, and die. A person with no expectation, cant be found anywhere. It is a strong and well-defined belief within a person regarding a personal or public view. Expectation deals with all the aims and motto one have for their future.

A belief with which a person grows at any age group. Whether the expectation of being accepted in society or being accepted by their peers to being accepted by their loving partners, things always revolve around. 

Do expectations kill our happiness?

Well yes, the answer to this question is YES.  we humans are never ready to take what is written for us by God due to our expectations and their failure. We tend to assume and always wish the best for us which when doesn’t turn out disappoints us and makes us sad. It is all about anticipating the best for one with the hope that it will be true which when doesn’t turn out, leaves us disheartened and disappointed.

As a matter of fact, higher expectations do create a hell lot of pressure on one’s mind and soul, where one is unable to focus on all the good things and surprises and plans, that nature has to offer. One should know the reality that expectation and disappointment always go hand in hand and will continue to disappoint humans if taken very seriously.

High expectations from self although can motivate us to do better and be better on daily basis but it steals out the fun when we fail and learn again, it steals the fun and new learning one gets when they are corrected as well.

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