Best Indian Web Series to Watch

Best Indian Web Series to Watch -There has been a wave of web series in the Indian industry. Some of the web series are listed below:

1.  Kota Factory:

It revolves around the Vaibhav who came to Kota to prepare to crack JEE and NEET to get into IIT. The story tells about the problems, struggles, and hardships faced by the students in Kota. Best Indian Web Series to Watch. The visuals of Kota Factory are very interesting as it is done in a black and white theme which shows the dull and depressing life of the students in Kota.

2.  The Family Man:

Is an action-thriller series. The series starts with a middle-class man who is a spy and he tries his best to create a balance between his professional and private life.

Best Indian Web Series to Watch

3.  Gullak:

Gullak is one of the unusual shows Indian web series. The series is based on the lives of the Mishra family, who reside in north India. Best Indian Web Series to Watch. The plot and theme of the story are realistic and relatable to almost every Indian. The series is always on the middle grounds that it never goes over the top but neither stays aloof.

4.  Little Things:

Little Things is a rom-com series that depicts the life of a couple in their 20s. Best Indian Web Series to Watch. It tells us about a couple in a live-in relationship who faces their problems and struggles in the fast-pacing city of Mumbai. It is a fun and loveable series to watch in your free time.

5.  Four More Shots Please:

It is one of the most loved series by teenage girls as it displays something every girl wishes for. Best Indian Web Series to Watch. The four friends who struggle to keep their life upright only make it through because of their friendship and tequila.

6.  Yeh Meri Family:

This series brings back its viewer to the ’90s at the Gupta’s place. This series shows how Harshu a 12-year boy of the Gupta family manages his family, studying and family side by side.

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