Bags Under 1K

Bags Under 1K – We all are aware that how women carry various backpacks and handbags whenever this about Eid either to attend the family function a gathering or even to hang out with a difference at various cafes.

Women use these bags to store all of their products including their personal mobile phones at charges or even their Mega products as well as cash which they cannot carry due to the lack of pockets in their clothes. There are various Bags Under 1K available in the market.

There are various fine design brands that are providing very fashionable and cute bags below the range of 1000. 

Bags Under 1K

Various Ladies Handbags Brands (Bags Under 1K)

1. Prada

2. Gucci

3. Louis Vuitton

4. Chloe 

5. Mulberry 

6. Balenciaga 

7. Louboutin 

8. Alexander McQueen 

1. The LV 

LV provides a solitary pouch which is very much preferred by the young generation. It comes under Bags Under 1K.

This is a bag that is fit enough to be known as a Clutch bag and is convertible and is used as a cross-body bag.

The size of this bag is 26 and is available in different sizes.

It is simply in dark brown color with LV and flower print on it which makes it look very unique and stylish.

This brand is very popular and is even used as a style statement. 

2. Chloe Hana bag 

This is a tiny handy bag which is present in various colors this is a textured leather bag 

This is an ideal cross body back which can work with daily wear and has to compartment set with a slim middle slip pocket which helps in separating both the compartments. Bags Under 1K includes Chloe.

This back can be used as a cross body back as well as a shoulder bag and can be possibly converted as a Clutch bag as well

It has a gold metal ring attached to the center which gives it a classy and sexy appearance 

3. Stella Mccartney 

This is a pretty unique back and has its own style

This is a pretty beginning style and can be used as an ideal evening back which is required to keep various things including a laptop 

It can be used as a shoulder bag or a handy bang that has a small Clutch inside. 

4. McQueen crossbody. 

In the name of fashion we always heard Alexander McQueen with Kaling of various news tiles and fashion does this small tiny and full attracted cross body back is real leather with the fantastic gold chain attached to it 

It can be a car with to any event wearing or even to a nice club which makes it look extremely polished and glossy

5. The Gucci handbag

One of the most distinguishable features of the Gucci brand is the three green red green stripes present on every product.

This handy bag is a multipurpose back as it even has a solids link, as well as a small clutch inside it, have the GG printed Canvas on it along with the red-green web stripes which makes it look very Elegant and stylish.

Early modern Europeans wore purses for one sole purpose : to carry coins. Purses were made of soft fabric or leather and were worn by men as often as ladies. Sales of men’s accessories including ‘holdall’ bags are increasing in North America.

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