Artificial Intelligence in the HR Department

Artificial Intelligence in the HR Department – HR Department is one of the most important part of an industry, it is the set of people who make the workforce of an organization a business sector easier HR manager basically plans coordinate and direct the various important administrative functions for a Better Organization.  In an industry from hiring, screening,  recruiting and interviewing of the new staff they manage the salaries as well as the various policies for the better functionality in an office And HR is involved in the recruitment and selection.

Deciding the compensation and benefits of an employee taking care of the health and safety of the employees making sure of the proper training and development as well as managing and directing every other employee in the office. In this Article we read more about Artificial Intelligence in the HR Department.

What is AI – Artificial intelligence?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is the ability of a computer or robot to be controlled, buy a computer to do tasks that are usually done by human beings or at least required the human intelligence Artificial intelligence is used widely and daily to provide personalized recommendations to people AI is a software used in many robots and computers example Alexa and Google assistant Artificial intelligence is very very important in commerce for optimizing product planning inventory as well as Logistics.

AI  uses different approaches to work and makes our lives easier.

Its function involves 

1. Thinking like a human

2. Thinking rationally

3. Acting like a human 

3. Acting rationally.

They have the capability to listen and analyze any given command and then process it to take further actions.

AI in the HR department.

Artificial Intelligence in the HR Department

It allows HR Department to customize the various processes and policies for the right candidate hiring and separate the roles on the basis of the potential. It even keeps a track of all the important and legal details of the company including the legal documents and its verification. This technology increases productivity and has the potential to reduce the excessive operational cost and the time spent on hectic and repetitive tasks.

It plays a major role in: 

1.  Helps in recruiting and the onboarding process

Due to the accuracy and effectiveness of AI, it is used in the majority of industries. 

During the hiring process, AI can be used in the selection of the right candidate. 

It can streamline the application by designing more user-friendly job forms which derive more detailed information from the candidate and give a better analysis. 

Apart from this, AI even plays a role in the candidate’s rediscovery

It can analyze the existing pool of candidates and identify those who are good and fit for the new roles. 

2. Better mobility and employee retention. 

Human resource professionals use AI to boost internal mobility and employee retention. 

It conducts very personalized feedback and survey form.  This software evaluates key indicators of employee success in order to identify which candidate deserves promotion and hike.

Advantages and disadvantages of Artificial intelligence hiring. 


1. It selects the fittest candidate. 

2. Analysis the right potential candidate and makes the selection process easier

3. Saves time, money and increase in efficiency. 

Disadvantage :

1. As it is just the starting phase of AI,  future development can bring various issues in the current functioning of AI

2. It lacks human judgment.

3. Issues with accuracy and reliability.

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