Top 5 Anjali Arora Controversy

Anjali Arora Controversy – Anjali Arora is the youngest person to jump on her Besharam Rang tune after Hina Khan and Kanika Mann.

Anjali Arora Controversy

Netizen Trolls

Many criticized her for trying to emulate her Deepika singing. As soon as Anjali shared the video, comments flooded in. One user wrote “jab dance aata hinahi to karti kyuu ho” and another wrote “kacha badam 2.0”.

Hina Khan was already trying to dance to Deepika-like music and grooves. On her Instagram, Hina shared a role similar to Deepika’s grace and seduction, and Hina wore a sparkly top for her role. 

Anjali Arora Controversy on her MMS

A sensation on social media, Anjali Arora became a household name after her work with Lock Upp. A few days ago she made headlines for her leaked MMS.

Anjali Arora Controversy on her MMS

The MMS girl looked like Anjali, but she later revealed that she wasn’t MMS’ girlfriend and she got emotional when she talked about it. She herself has her family too. People told her she shouldn’t do that.

Azma Fallah’s Comments on Anjali Arora’s MMS

Azma Fallah and Anjali Arora were not on good terms during her stay at Lock Up. After her fake MMS went viral, Azma posted a video of herself staring at Anjali without naming her on her Instagram.

Azma Fallah's Comments on Anjali Arora's MMS

However, Azma herself was trolled by netizens for her video, in which she was seen collapsing while talking about MMS in one of her interviews.

She reportedly said on Anjali Arora Controversy she didn’t know why people would do this to her. It’s the same people who made her who she is today. They have families too, and they have families too.

Anjali Arora Exaggerates

A few days ago, Anjali Arora celebrated the success of her song Saiyan Dil Main Aana ree by cutting a cake with the paparazzi.  

Anjali Arora Trolled about her Outfit

Recently, when Anjali posed with her national flag, she wore a white crop top and netizens also criticized her, they felt their outfit did not respect the national flag rice field. When Anjali Arora asked the Russians for money

She revealed on Lock Up that when Anjali visited Russia, she was attracted to hotel receptionists. She received 5000 rubles from him, and she partied with him at night. This revelation made headlines and another Anjali Arora Controversy.

Anjali Arora Trolled about her Outfit

Anjali Arora is very popular on her social media and her Instagram followers exceed 11 million. She is also very active there, where she often gives fans a glimpse into her personal and professional life.

What do you think about Anjali Arora’s Controversy giving all the trolls nuanced answers? Lock Upp’s Anjali Arora opens up about her depression and mental health struggles, and how difficult it is to deal with needless trolling Lock Upp’s Anjali Arora has opened up about her depression and mental health struggles, as well as how difficult it is to deal with needless trolling.

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