Aashika and Elvish Controversy

Aashika and Elvish Controversy – Indian actress, model, dancer, and influencer Aashika Bhatia is known for her work in TV commercials, Hindi tv series, and TikTok videos. She has a huge following on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube, that’s why she is sometimes called the queen of social media.

Aashika and Elvish Controversy

Since she retired from acting, Aashika has blossomed as a social media influencer. She is currently discussing one of her own videos.

Who is Elvish?

Elvish Yadav is a popular social media influencer and digital content creator. He is known for his Youtube videos and daily vlogs. He lives in Gurugram, Haryana with his family. The Tiktok vs. Youtube controversy brought him great fame and popularity, and later Carryminati also participated in this controversy.

He started his career as a digital content creator while he was in college. During his college years, he started making prank and comedy videos.

His videos are heavily inspired by YouTubers Ashish Chanchalani, Amit Bhadana, and Harsh Beniwal. Most of his videos have a Desi Haryanvi accent.

His unique video style with a Haryanvi accent has gained him a great following in Delhi, Haryana, and West Uttar Pradesh.


He is best known for his YouTube videos titled Mauka Mauka India V/S Pakistan.

This comedy video of him went viral on the internet and eventually, he became a huge success and gained a following on YouTube.

This video was a turning point for his Elvish Yadav Career and in just one year he became a popular creator of his videos of spoofs, parodies, and comedies in India. 

Aashika and Elvish Controversy

Remember the whole YouTube vs. TikTok controversy from a while back? Now, the same thing seems to have surfaced again, but this time for a completely different reason. Now it is Aashika and Elvish Controversy.

Elvish defamed Aashika Bhatia and comment on her body and weight he further roasts her through a youtube channel when a battle was initiated between YouTuber and the tik toker in which various Youtubers like Carryminati,  Elvish, and many others roast the tik tokers and also comes in Aashika and Elvish Controversy. 

Aashika and Elvish Controversy

When Elvish uploads a video by defaming Aashika then Actress and influencer Aashika Bhatia decided to give it back to YouTuber Elvish Yadav, who continues to make multiple statements and mentions of Aashika, commenting on her body and the look in his videos.

Aashika’s reaction was fueled in one of his recent videos when an elf called the car Aashika and indirectly hit her. it just didn’t come.

However, Aashika decided to reach out to him this time and shared a post with a lengthy message. She has received a lot of support from fans and many others on Aashika and Elvish Controversy.

Aside from reminding him that cyberbullying and body shaming is unacceptable, here’s what she wrote.

Aashika replied to Elvish on Aashika and Elvish Controversy

Apart from the joke I will speak in Hindi otherwise, you will think that I am using a western language I will not play any kind of women’s card and I won’t go through the section or articles. that’s the first reply of her on Aashika and Elvish Controversy.

Aashika replied

I think cyberbullying defamation and body shaving are crying and I can take legal action against you either you can take this as advice the next time I won’t stop myself from taking any sort of action because the people like you thanks that you can do anything and escape by protecting yourself and kindly consider it and just think over the matter and there is a huge difference between the fun and insolence so now  I will take the leave.

 Aashika Reply to Elvish Yadav 

Hey, always mazak se hatke ab Hindi mein bolungi nahin to aap fir bologe ki Western language ka use kar rahi hai aur na hi koi women card play karungi.

Section aur artical par mein nahin jaaungi. cyber bulling ,defamation aur body shaming karna ek crime hai aur aapke khilaf legal actions le sakti hun main isko aap dhamki Lo ya ek mashvara agali bar se legal action Lene se rukungi nahin kyunki aap Jaise logon Ko lagta hai main kuchh bhi bolunga aur bach ke Nikal jaunga lekin  majak aur batameezi mein bahout farak hota hai. 

Elvish Revert Roast after Aashika and Elvish Controversy 

On this Elvish further replies that apart from a joke I will reply in Hindi otherwise you will claim that I am using the Haryanvi language and I will also not play the YouTuber card Although each and everyone know who stands where and also I won’t go on section or articles because I am not having enough time to go and I also know about cyberbullying, defamation or body shaming is a crime and you can take a kind of legal action against it.

I am not taking it as a threat or I am not used to taking advice from anyone else. If you think that legal action would be the right option for you then it’s fine and if I have to escape then  I will take the escape from there as well. 

Elvish Revert Roast after Aashika and Elvish Controversy 

So you also better care of this and also think about this so bye for this time because I need to go to Roast someone. 

Hey Aashika mazak se hatke Hindi mein bolunga nahin to fir aap samjhenge ki Haryanvi language ka use kar raha hai aur Na main koi YouTube card play karunga Although sabko pata hai Kaun Kahan send karta hai sections or article par main bhi nahin jaunga kyunki itna time nahin hai mujhe bhi pata hai cyber bulling  defamation aur body shaming ek crime hai aur aap mere khilaf legal action bhi le sakte hain aur isko na main dhamki lunga aur mashvara main kisi ka leta nahin.

Aapko lagta hai legal action Sahi rahega to vahi Sahi aur Bach ke nikalna hoga to vahan se bhi nikal hi jaunga aap bhi Dhyan rakhna aur sochna is bare mein chalta hu kisi ko roast karne Jana hai.

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