Zed Black Launches Range of Pure Essentials Oils, ‘Orva Naturals’ to Soothe your Senses this Valentine’s Day

February is a month filled with love, romance, affection, surprises, and optimism. Theres a wonderful spirit of love in the air, and to celebrate and amplify the vibe of the season of love this Valentines Day, MDPH has rolled out an exquisite range of purest, natural essential oils named “Orva Naturals“, an offering from their flagship brand Zed Black to kindle feelings of self-love, excitement, unbridled passion, and joy this season.

Orva Naturals Essential Oils Complete Range launched by Zed Black

The Orva Naturals range is available in a multitude of six 100% pure essential oils variants, Lavender, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Orange, Peppermint & Rosemary. The new range is a trailblazing offering from the house of MDPH, Madhya Pradesh based Mysore Deep Perfumery House for discerning customers looking for premium quality and the purest form of essential oils infused with majestic aromas for every mood and is free from synthetic fragrances, or unnatural additions, and is ethically sourced as well.

While speaking about the new line-up of essential oil products, Mysore Deep Perfumery House, Director, Ankit Agrawal, shares, “Orva Naturals essential oils were created keeping in mind globally popular Oils amongst customers. The new range from Tea Tree to Rosemary to Peppermint offers our customers an all-natural experience for overall wellness with the help of variety of purest form of essential oils. Zed Black is poised to innovate & formulate products that create a feeling of serenity devoid of chemicals by bringing therapeutic goodness into peoples daily lives from our state-of-the-art fragrance unit in MP.

MDPH has a plethora of top-notch quality products under its own household brands in categories such as agarbatti, essential oils, hand sanitizers, packaged tea, dhoop batti, confectionery, and more under its premium bestseller flagship labels Zed Black, Manthan, Shriphal, Orva, Coach and Din Din.

Zed Black today is amongst the top 3 brands in the agarbatti category in India. It is one of the largest selling agarbatti manufacturers and retailers in India and also the leading incense sticks exporter in the country.

The Orva Naturals brand offer some cult- favourite Essential Oils in soothing fragrances. From Lemongrass essential oil, which is acclaimed for its mild, sweet, lemony-yet-herbal aroma which is peace-inducing as well as calming to both your physical and emotional health to Lavender essential oil has been called the “herb of love” which makes it the perfect choice for this Valentine’s Day. The Tea Tree essential oil which is renowned worldwide for its revitalizing, refreshing, and invigorating woodsy herbal aroma, if used in the home will help purify and freshen the air. The oil can be also used as a mood enhancer. One can also add a few drops of this essential oil into your bathing water to relax your body and mind.

The subsequent alluring variants are Rosemary Oil, which is acclaimed for its blooming earthy scent which is very comforting and therapeutic. It is a natural relaxant that calms the body and mind and has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties. Rosemary is believed to have plenty of wellness and beauty benefits, too.

Peppermint oil, which is one of the most multipurpose essential oils in the world and can be used for a gamut of wellness-related issues. It emanates a fresh, spicy, and minty aroma that works like magic for fatigue by elevating your mood and provide ultimate relaxation. And lastly the zesty aroma of the Orange essential oil evokes a sense of joy and relief and calms your nerves at the same time.

Aromatherapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to promote overall well-being. Aromatherapy products are great tools to combat Stress and anxiety in current times. Either a candle or a classic oil diffuser infused with your favourite fragrance like a minty peppermint or woody tea tree oil, you can keep stress and anxiety at bay. For on-the-go aromatherapy relief be it your home, office or for therapeutic use, the ‘Orva Naturals‘ range in six essential oils extracted and made available in the purest form allows for variety and versatility,” adds Amita Agrawal, Director & Head-Perfumery Division, MDPH.

At the heart of MDPH is its 4,000 plus workforce, of which 80% comprises women who are involved in all aspects of manufacturing-from perfume making to packaging. The company has over 170 fragrances that go into the making of the agarbattis and produces 700 kg of perfume every day. MDPH processes over three crore incense sticks every day at its 9,40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space in Madhya Pradesh, comprising five factories. It has in its kitty over 1,200+ products that are exported to over 40+ countries across six continents and 15 lakh packs of Zed Black incense sticks are sold in a day.

One can buy the Orva Naturals range from zedblack.in online store & it is also available on popular e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. It is available as a set of 6 variants in one pack. Shop right away & kickstart your shopping spree!