Who Is Kanye West?

Who Is Kanye West? America has one of the most popular producers rappers and fashion designers under the richest billionaire Blackman was born on June 8, 1977.

The real name of Kanye West is “Kanye  Omarion West” which belongs from Atlanta Georgia. Kanye West is known for his greatest and most influential Hip hop music in the music industry in America Kanye West is the child of a photographer and the black panther whose mother was a College Professor who grow up in Chicago and attended the Chicago university right before dropping to pursue his career and passion in music. Who Is Kanye West?

Kanye,  struggled and initially became a producer than a wrapper and was a style icon he became of fashion designer. His work as a rapper started by featuring in Jay-Z’s album. 

Early life struggle 

Who Is Kanye West?
Kanye West

Who Is Kanye West? West belong to a middle-class family he was not rich his parents we normal teachers and photographers in the United States of America who could only provide him with the Essentials and good quality of education  Altho Ne experienced got divorced when he was only 3 years old and later moved down with his mother to Chicago and his father Ray West was one of the first Black journalists in Atlanta. Who Is Kanye West?

He was not so wealthy that he could invest in his career and could finance himself although his first official production came into the light when he was only 19 years old when he produced continuous tracks on to earth album and named it Grav!!!

He even acted as a ghost producer in D-Dot, and due to this, he was able to produce his solo album. 

He then had a group with member

1. Kanye West

2. GLC

3.  Timmy

4. Really doe

5.  Arrowstar

His group of five people was managed by John Monopoly and Happy Louis under the entire management firm hustle period. They together made various promotional photoshoots and had some amazing video appearances this group was later recognized and got the opportunity to release the album “first record-holders” in the year 1999. Who Is Kanye West?

By this time Kanye West was it successful producer but he had his passion to become a wrapper he started developing his rapping skills and continue to work as a producer.

Who Is Kanye West? It was a great challenge for the audience to accept Kanye West as a Wrapper and even struggled a lot to get a deal and recorded multiple of its recordings were often ignored by various companies and he did not portray the real Gangster image in the Hip Hop field 

With videos of hard work and struggle, he finally got his position and became one of the most popular rappers in America with various awards and VMA’s. 

Kanye as a businessman 

Kanye as a businessman 

Just not a producer fashion designer and a rapper and said he is even a very successful businessman.

Best has known to have a wealth of 1.7 billion dollars by earning KW foot Privately Limited as well as various properties and vehicles and one of the most famous shoe wear industries the Yeezy.

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