What do people want money or fame

What do people want money or fame – We are very well Humans and their never-ending needs, humans are greedy and they have never-ending wishes. A human, irrespective of his achievements always wished to have more. Money and fame are something people die for. In this Era people are known and as seen doing videos things in order to be known and to even earn money this even involves the selling of their mind as well as the soul.

In this article we read more about What do people want money or fame

What do people want? money or fame?

Why money is important?

What do people want money or fame – Money is the exchange factor in which people can buy things in return money is a simple paper that has a certain value return on it which is used in the exchange of basic livelihood the important for One’s survival. Money can’t buy happiness but money can definitely create happiness it can buy one security and safety for the left ones.

Money is needed to pay for all the things and all the bills for the basic livelihood and provide shelter, food, clothes healthcare,  as well as good education which is a ladder to earn more and more money we all know as the world’s famous Bill Gates and Ellen musk who are known for their extreme income and high value. 

Money is important in order to get more goods and services as well as to have a flowers life and have stability in one’s life. In short, we can say that money is a Universal medium for exchange as well as the entire root of all the evils in the universe. People can be extremely materialistic and can even test with money but drive them to do it is bad things as it is good things. Lets read more about What do people want? money or fame?

Freedom money gives you!.

What do people want money or fame – Money gives you is the freedom to be involved in various hobbies and activities it gives you the power to visit any city or any country it even gives one freedom to enjoy every aspect of life money even gives one the power to pursue their dreams where they to start a business to visit a country or the even where are the most expensive food.

Money even provides the basic security of livelihood it gives the security of life in terms of food shelter as well as basic medicines.

What is fame?

What do people want money or fame – Fame is the short form used for wor famous. We all know once, one is famous it brings them to glory. It brings happiness as well as shows various sides of life as well.

In this world everybody wants to be famous it can be once fantasy to be known as well as Loved by the entire country when somebody is famous they often have a good reputation which gives them various privileges and people always admire them and love them.  people want to see them and always wonder about their lifestyle as well.

We all are very much aware of the advantages which it brings but on the other side, one should even know the way this disadvantages the word fame brings along. Same makes people extremely vulnerable it throws unlimited judgment and opinion everybody can become extremely obsessed obsessive as well as interfering in their lives they have zero privacy and are often objective to character assassination. What do people want money or fame

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