What are the different Advantages and Disadvantages of using Contact Lenses?

Advantages of Contact Lenses :

  • Top-notch vision – Being extraordinarily myopic, my spectacle lenses are very thick at the perimeters, leading to a distorted photo after I look sideways. this doesn’t show up with lenses.
  • Smooth – No greater cleaning of glasses because you obtain filth on it
  • Remarkable field of imaginative and prescient – seeing that they take a seat without delay on your student, your discipline of imaginative and prescient is as a long way as your eyes can go. With glasses, it is confined to the scale of your lenses – the whole lot out of doors is blurred
  • Can wear shades – You cannot genuinely deliver off this look if you’re wearing glasses. Sunglasses on a pinnacle of glasses simply does not work
  • Touch lenses are a luxury that offers patients the opportunity to reduce their dependency on glasses. touch lenses have to now not ever replace glasses, but make wherein one would not spend so much time in them.
    Contacts are extraordinary for sports activities/pursuits. all and sundry from baseball players to the as soon as a week health club pass-er.
    Patients with very high prescriptions can clearly have better visual overall performance than their preferred eyewear lenses. (This is not real for everyone).
  • It gives me a chance to no longer appear nerdy whilst giving me the opportunity to still see the whole thing actually. it is approximately it.

Disadvantages of Contact Lenses:

  • Paintings: placing them on every morning and taking them out every night can become a tedious chore
  • Siesta: The type of lenses I put on make the eyes very dry in case you take a snooze with them on. hence, lenses may be a nuisance if you love your afternoon siesta
  • Dirt: dirt in the eyes can get very painful while you’re carrying contacts. specially using a motorcycle, in particular on dusty Indian roads can be a nuisance.
  • Dryness: Eyes emerge as dry when you use lenses, which could get uncomfortable at times.
  • The physician wears glasses, now not contacts. ‘Nuff stated
  • Contact lenses can be very risky. Contacts harbor bacteria and bacteria want to multiply. If this growth leads to a risky level (which could be very commonplace and varies from individual to person) the microorganism can motive critical damage to one’s eyes and even everlasting vision loss.

Dry eyes: contact lens wearers have greater headaches with eye situations which includes dry eyes and hypersensitive reactions. those situations also grow the danger of bacterial infection as stated above.

Compliance is an issue, and contacts aren’t perfect for the “lazy” character. You without a doubt cannot sleep in contacts (regardless of what you hear on television), and they need to be eliminated well earlier than going to mattress and swimming. If one isn’t in a 1-day / day-by-day contact, there’s a truthful amount of care involved, and this ought to be attended to correctly. If not, see the phase on bacterial contamination.

The maximum critical aspect to take home is that contacts are a first-rate lower back-up to glasses. One must keep in mind that we do now not “need” contacts. they may be a luxury that presents us the opportunity not ought to put on our glasses. If sorted, and approached responsibly, they may be of wonderful benefit.

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