Types Of Human Personality

Personality is a distinctive feature that makes a person a friend with one another 

It involves the difference in the pattern of thinking,  a pattern of behavior, walking,  talking,  eating, and even the pattern of living life.

According to psychology is a combination of human behavior the expression of emotional motivation and the various pattern of the thoughts 

A personality can be developed by working on various areas of character,  which can help one to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Various day-to-day activities can even help in forming or modifying the basic human personality. 

Various habits even define one’s personality, 

Such as :

1. Being adventurous 

2. Being very helpful and supportive 

3. Being humble


Various types of personality 

There are four types of personality 

1. Openness 

2. Agreeableness

3. Extraversion 

4. Conscientiousness

One true personality can be determined by focusing on his habits and lifestyle. 

One’s personality even includes the characteristics of being open or shy in public which makes them extrovert and introvert.


This feature shows a person’s imagination and creativity level.

Each dimension has two levels of a person under the same personality category which are very different from one another. 

This rate is used to demonstrate people who are everything rate is used to demonstrate people who are very much traditional and struggle in the way that abstract thinking they are very creative,   

And are open to learning things in life

They even focus on tackling daily life challenges and readily accept all the abstract concepts. 

Although they are not so fond of changes and do not enjoy new things.


This personality consists of people having a high level of thoughtfulness,  good impulse control, and very goal-directed behavior and nature.

Under this personality,  few finish their tasks under the given time, pay a lot of attention to small details and enjoy having everything set on schedule while few dislike the whole concept of structure and schedule. 

They are carefree and do not bother about most of the items.

They are the majority of the time daydreaming 


this personality is very excited and is very social. 

They gave a high amount of emotional connection and Expressiveness with other people. 

They enjoy being the center of attention, always starting a conversation and meeting various new people. 

They even have large social groups and are always energetic and happy.

While the other ones are very calm and quiet. 

They are not much into small talk and think multiple times before speaking. 


this personality includes attributes such as trust kindness affection and the lovable behavior towards other people

These people have a great interest in order to deal with other people and always get a more from others we feel empathy towards other people and always love to be a part of other people’s happiness and sadness

While on the other hand, you take a little interest in talking to others and do not get up to other people who have the least things of interest and are often seen as bullies.

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