Top 5 most-watched Indian web series to ever exist on Ott platforms 

The web series has been hooked on the minds and hearts of people since the growth of the Ott forums back in 2013. Several movies and web series have been introduced in these forums. Their use and exposure to more people increased especially during the first wave of COVID 19.

Ever since these websites opened their way to becoming very popular many web series have been launched and viewed many times. This series has been a success in retaining fans. Here, we take a look at India’s most popular web series and if you haven’t watched it you should be sitting under a rock. But here’s a guide for people who want to revive the experience of watching these games and are confused about where to start.

Sacred Games (2018)

Sacred Games was one of the most talked about web series when it was launched on Netflix back in 2018. Critics and viewers are both equally delighted with the amazing performance of the actors. The creators of this series went on to make the poem stand out. The story had several twists, interesting conversations, and unparalleled joy that no one had ever seen in an Indian movie.

 Stream on Netflix

 Seasons – 2



 Director- Anurag Kashyap

 Rotten tomatoes – 92%

Family Man (2019)

starring the famous actor Manoj Bajpayee the boy of the family should be another favorite act of the actor. The black jokes and the act of espionage are at the forefront of their kind and people can’t get enough of this game. Despite 2 successful seasons the series plans to re-emerge,

Stream on Amazon Prime

Seasons – 2

Episodes- 19

Genre- dark jokes; fictional spy

Director- Raj Nidimoru

Rotten tomatoes – 90%

Kota Factory

As its first season is shown for the first time on YouTube by TVF and the second on Netflix, the Kota industry speaks for thousands of IIT and NEET seekers. It depicts the lives of students in the race to clear these difficult and popular tests that somehow determine the future of all aspirants and sometimes show how their lives depend on it.

Stream on YouTube; Netflix

Seasons – 2

Episodes- 10

Genre- comedy-drama

Director- Raghav Subbu

Rotten tomatoes – 88%


Mirzapur is undoubtedly an amazing series that has left people singing words and quoting the series conversations in their daily lives. This is a popular web series of Indian crowds that need that desi-indie confirmation and people have asked for it before season 3. Triplet Ali Fazal, Pankaj Tripathi, and Vikrant Massey take the web to the skies.

Stream on Amazon Prime

Seasons – 2

Episodes- 19

Genre – criminal myth

Director- Karan Anshuman Gurmeet Singh Mihir Desai

Rotten tomatoes – 80%

Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen

Continued for the sake of a young girl of a strong government official who will make him her own, a man descends in a dark, dangerous way to restore his life to the power he wishes to eradicate.

Stream on Netflix

Seasons – 1


Genre-thriller and crime

Director- Sidharth Sengupta

Rotten tomatoes – 75%

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