TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 

TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 

The video shared by many was riddled with transphobic and homophobic slurs and used offensive language. The video fell under YouTube’s terms of service after fans reported it as cyberbullying and harassment. Removed due to violation. YouTube is his video-sharing platform launched in 2005 and is now owned by Google. 


TikTok is a social media platform created by ByteDance in 2017. There has been strife between YouTube creators and short-format or microformat media such as TikTok and Reels. This is evident in the likes of   Ajay Nagar, professionally known as Carrie Minati.

TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 
TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 

Ajay previously released a video of Bratt appealing to creators of short-form content. However, Bhuvan avoids the discussion because he feels the two mediums are very different. He said: “Creating content on Reel is very different from creating content on YouTube.

I can’t think of anything like that, because I like playing with characters, building stories, and shocking audiences, which is only possible with long-form storytelling. Bhuvan lavished praise on the creators of format, adding: “We give to creators of short-form content who have the ability to entertain their audience in a short amount of time.

We will never look down on creators on Reel or respect creators on YouTube. That’s completely wrong. Those two is a very different forms of entertainment. 

The End Game on YouTube

Therefore, no comparison is possible. ” His video titled TikTok vs YouTube – The End Game on YouTube. The number of likes and views on the video skyrocketed, so I decided to check it out (I immediately regretted it).

The video, which has been viewed more than 78 million times and is now deleted, provided a glimpse into the ongoing competition between creators of content on two of the most popular platforms online. The people living in the two universes are very different.

TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 
TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 

The battle is also about determining the kind of people who have the right to rule the world of video. It all started when YouTuber Elvish Yadav posted a TikToker roast video on his YouTube channel. He compared young videomakers to rag pickers, questioned their intelligence, and made fun of girls wearing makeup. 

Replied Reels Makers 

In response, two TikTok users named Amir Siddiqi and Revolver Rani shouted derogatory and classicist comments on TikTok and Instagram. Revolver Rani’s reaction sparked video bombing by supporters from both communities trying to outdo each other.

The online battle culminated when CarryMinati decided to do another roast of his TikTokers. YouTubers toasting TikTok content creators often label their videos pathetic. They make fun of his appearance, often dressed sideways, and he uses homophobic slurs against TikToker. 

Carrie Minati used words like “Misa” and “Paris” in his latest video. These are often used to refer to people in his community who are transgender. That’s not all. Others refer to TikTokers as the “Sudra of the Internet”.

The general perception is that TikTokers are lower-class, low-caste individuals who work in obscure jobs and make “recreational” videos. This only reflects the anxiety of YouTubers who are outraged by the surge in popularity and exposure of TikTok content and creators in small towns and rural areas. 

Chinese video-making apps have become very popular, especially among teens, providing a platform for many to unleash their creativity. Anyone from a country estate manager to a bricklayer to a street vendor can become viral and famous overnight.

TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 
TikTok vs Youtube Latest Controversy 

With newfound voices on TikTok, these influencers from small towns and villages finally belong to the category of content they create and tell stories about. In fact, the war between TikTok and YouTube looks like a microcosm of a larger political narrative raging across India. 

Why offend the LGBTQ+ Community?

 The LGBTQ+ community and its supporters have expressed concern that the video is transphobic and homophobic. CarryMinati apparently calls her TikToker “beti” meetha “and” pari “, which are often used to refer to people in his community who are transgender. Some of the points made by CarryMinati in the video: What happened after the 

Carrie Minati’s video was Deleted? 

Many popular YouTube stars and influencers such as Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, Technical Guruji, and Shakti man’s famous actor Mukesh Khanna stepped forward to help CarryMinati. #JusticeForCarryMinati started trending on Twitter, and fans took to YouTube calling for the video to be brought back to the platform.

Several fans also posted banned videos on various platforms, building a huge following for the videos. Meanwhile, on the internet he darling his Nazma Aapi decided to stay neutral, saying ‘Hum to Creative ke side chain (that we only like creativity).

TikTok’s rating drops from 4.6 stars to 1.2 stars #BanTikTok, #BanTikTokIndia, and #Acid started trending on Twitter when people started banning his TikTok and asking others to give the app a low rating. The TikTok Play Store app has millions of low ratings.

Shortly thereafter, TikTok’s rating on the Google Play Store dropped from 4.6 stars to 1.2 stars and has now recovered to 1.6 stars. The ratings for the TikTok iOS app have not been affected and we have not noticed similar low ratings.

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