The Green Acres Academy Opens Admissions for Its Award-winning Campuses in Mulund, Chembur, and Kalyan

The multi-award-winning campuses of The Green Acres Academy (TGAA) at Chembur, Mulund and Kalyan, have begun accepting students for the academic year 2023-24 on a first-come, first-served basis, from nursery to Grade 10 at Chembur, nursery to Grade 7 at Mulund and nursery to Grade 4 at Kalyan. Located in prime areas in Chembur, Mulund, and Kalyan, the schools have become landmarks in their respective communities and have been recognized as one of the top emerging schools in Mumbai according to the 2022 Times School Survey.

The Green Acres Academy

Their customised in-house programs for holistic development for students go beyond the curriculum, helping children grow up into well rounded and responsible individuals. This encompasses the LEAPED program, focusing on leadership and social-emotional learning, and the citizenship program which equips children to become responsible future citizens by promoting awareness of national and global issues, fostering discussions about topics such as climate change and sustainability, civic rights and responsibilities, diversity and inclusion, tolerance, personal identity, equality, and the importance of equity. In addition to this, they also offer a wide range of unique co-curricular activities that include visual arts, Indian and Western dance and music, speech and drama, daily sports, and a host of club activities, making the learning experience an enriching one.

Speaking about this Mr. Rohan Parikh, Chairman, TGAA, says, “We at TGAA understand the role cut out for us as teachers and educationists, and believe that learning needs to go way beyond just academic success. In line with this philosophy, we have curated several additional support programs that are inspired by the UN and the Constitution of India. We also place equal emphasis on sports and arts, as we believe them to be significant in the overall development of creative, social and mental capabilities of children. I think the new supported model of education can go a long way in making our children confident and future ready global citizens.”

The philosophy of the school is also reflected in the intelligent spaces in each of the campuses, which allows for a lot of natural light and air circulation. This is known to positively influence the learning environment and helps create an ambience of openness, trust and enthusiasm among students and teachers. In addition to this, the school also has an all-female support staff, ranging from janitors to classroom assistants, ensuring the safety and care of students as needed. In line with the focus on student safety, TGAA also provides RTO approved and fully compliant school bus services for students that caters to all areas around each campus, ensuring security during the travel, less road congestion, and prompt student arrival and dispersal.

Further, the Chembur campus of TGAA has been recognized as one of the first 5 Google for Reference Schools in India, and the only one in Mumbai so far. Google for Reference Schools are a select group of schools that are recognized by Google for their outstanding use of technology to drive positive learning outcomes. This certification further proves the school’s focus on technology integrated learning methods which are appropriately balanced with healthy student-teacher engagement and interpersonal activities, both in and out of the classroom. This also makes TGAA one of the few schools that recognise the importance and implement the 1 device per student policy for children from Grade 2 onward, where every child will have a device, which they use in addition to pen and paper. Also, their in-house, custom designed hybrid digital curriculum uses cutting edge specialized apps for learning subjects like Maths and Languages, alongside textbooks and paperwork, which helps children further access smart tech for daily learning.

Apart from the focus on holistic, tech-based, and personal development-focused education, TGAA also rigorously prepares students for outstanding performance in board exams, with calibrated practice starting in Grade 5 and effective in-house test prep series starting in Grade 9. Students at the Chembur campus aced the ICSE Grade 10 Board exams in 2022 with a 100% pass rate, and 90% received a distinction.

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