Sex Workers Can Say No!

Who is a sex worker

Sex Workers Can Say No, But Not A Married Woman – A sex worker is a way different term than sexual exploitation a sex worker is a person or a lady who provides sex in exchange for money

Sex is an occupation and they do it on daily basis the work in specific areas of the sex industry

Sex workers are often referred with various shaving terms such as in house girls Street Walkers computer housewives Street Walker a dicks drugs for sex Street Walkers prostitute and many more 

The term sex worker is often used to describe a variety of sex workers. Sex Workers Can Say No, But Not A Married Woman.

Sex Workers Can Say No, But Not A Married Woman.
Who is a sex worker

A sex worker can be of any gender and exchange sexual services in various favors or even money and various other presence

The main motive or the agenda of a sex worker is to get out of various depts and a simple way to earn a living and it is another reason why people engage in sex work because of that interest and the various pain which we get from various websites and the porn industry. Sex Workers Can Say No, But Not A Married Woman.

What is marital rape? 

Marital Rape

Marital rape which is also known as powerful rape is an act of sexual intercourse domestically with one spouse without the other pouches Consent.

It is a rape case where the husband tries to have factory intercourse without the consent of the wife and is even considered a domestic form of violence and asexual abuse 

If you go back to our history sexual abuse and marital rape were very common and were never considered wrong it was considered the wholesale duty of the married woman to give and submit themselves to the husband a respective of their consent 

If you look at the main term rape is a process of sexual abuse which is done in respect of each gender and is various types such as campus rape,  grey rape streaming rape prison rape serial rape, and even rape by deception 

A rape has even various serious effects  such as it can cause to pregnancy  leaving the victim into trauma and can even cause post-assault treatment and Weinstein eWeinstein’sarlier during the 20th century, many countries started analyzing marital rape and even firm various legal systems to protect the victims within the marriage

The recent judgment by the Delhi High Court judge

Recently the High Court judge of Delhi justice Rajiv takdeer on Wednesday said that  a sex worker can say no but not a married woman 

He quoted “that it is mandatory for the constitution and this is the duty and obligation which must be discharged if one wants to remain true to take the oath and the constitution he even said that the Kalpa on behalf of the institution is one way or the other that justice has been laid “.

According to the exception of section 375 which protects men say that who have forced nonconcentrated intercourse with their 5 protects them from the criminal prosecution and the IPC section 376 he said that the sex worker has been invested with the power to her to say no by the law but not a married woman.

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