Russia and Ukraine war Explained

Russia has begun to attack Ukraine and warned that the world should stay away from this war as Russia has declared that Donetsk and Luhansk which are the part of Donbas region of Ukraine are the separate states of Ukraine firstly in 2014 Russia attacked the Crimea so at that particular time, also, the Russia Ukraine crisis occurred this is mainly because the Soviet Union has given Crimea to Ukraine as a gift. After this as per the recommendation of France, Germany under the agreement has made a piece between Russia, and Ukraine but again this conflict comes out in the open. International law does not permit any right for the state to secede from the state.

Russian demand for:-

After the resolution of the conflict takes place between Russia, and Ukraine, Ukraine has plenty of gas resources, and with the gas field that is in Ukraine the gas resources are exported to European countries so, in this situation, both Russia, and Europe countries wants that they have their rights on the natural gas resources that are in Ukraine, and also Russia not wants that Ukraine has a good relationship with other countries, and also it doesn’t become the member of NATO this is because becoming a member of NATO as NATO is the organization of all people of American countries, and if anyone attacks on any country of NATO then this will be the attack on America, and for this, America will come to fight against this but against this, Russia is trying to increase its dominance so it doesn’t want that Ukraine gets any help from NATO.

NATO’s response to Russia’s attack:-

Due to having the attack of Russia on Ukraine, the statement of NATO’S secretary has surfaced “NATO strongly condemns Russia’s reckless, and an unapproved attack on Ukraine which mainly puts the lives of countless civilians at risk as with these 4,100 Ukrainian troops occurred, 5,650 Pro-Russians separatists also died.

America’s Reaction to the Attack:-

US president Joe Biden also responded after Russia’s attack by saying “I Condemn this as this is unwarranted and unjustified attack by the Russian military forces.

Ukraine has retained its membership in the UN by getting dissolution from the USSR had been one of the founded members of the UN at the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. International law gives the right to Ukraine to get help, and support from the other states, and inspect of this also the international law imposed an obligation on the states not to recognize the situation as resulting from the use of the forces.

How will this crisis affect Russia?

Russia is well aware that an attack on Ukraine leads to a variety of sanctions but inspects of this it also carries out all such attacks fearlessly this is mainly due to the reason that Russia knows that it has huge hands in the world economy, and also there are trillions of amounts of money from various countries various sanctions have also been imposed on Russia but still it has continued attack against Ukraine as regardless of the imposed sanctions.