Role of technology in reproduction

Birth, life, and then death are the circle of life. When a child is born he undergoes the proper care provided by his parents. After marriage, the next step is making your own family and the circle goes on. The circle of life is full of surprises and mishappening. Role of technology in reproduction effects a lot.

To continue the genes the concept of having own child is mandatory. Due to various problems the couple often faces various problems during the family planning.

One of the basic reasons which affect the decision of having a child is the health problems of both men and women. It even includes various environmental as well as the psychological impact.

Various health issues which affect child planning are:

1. Body weight can cause infertility in both men and women.  Obesity in men can harm and have a direct effect on sperm production.

2. Improper diet can even affect a woman’s body ka including reproduction excessive limit of caffeine and food intake of Nutrition can also the missed the sperm production in a male body

3. STDs have a direct effect on the infertility of women as they can block the sperm release in men as well 

Development and  revolution in the entire Science and Technology industry make it  easy to conceive and go further with the family planning. Role of technology in reproduction plays a major role.

The four most common types of reproductive Technology used in inverter fertilization are as follows:

 1. Assisted reproductive Technology ART

2.  Zygote intrafallopian transfer

3. Gamete intrafallopian transfer

4.  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

With the use of Technology, any couple can opt for good family planning as well as work on their health. These technologies play a major role in assisting the infertile couples and helping them to continue their family planning. The traditional way of reproduction involved the man’s ejaculation of semen which is a fluid containing millions of sperms into the woman’s vagina. IVF prevents union of sperm and eggs and the process of zygote formation.

Vito Technology

It is the method that can assist a couple during the difficult time. In-vito fertilization is a technology in which a man’s sperm and women’s eggs are combined outside of the body and are used to form a design in which one or more what lies egg is transferred from the woman’s uterus. Which is present in the uterine lining, the egg is taken from the semen which is used to obtain the masturbation for the continued in the intercourse.

The next steps involve the transfer of the embryo in which a long and thin tube is used with the string attached to the end, the doctor then transfers the fluid in the embryo into the uterus wall. The number of embryos that can be transferred to the vagina is based on the patient’s age or on the character of the embryo. the way Technology helps in child planning in an infertile couple is the same way it will help to delay their child planning which is known as the egg freezing procedure also known as cryopreservation.

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