Rahul Gandhi’s Controversial Speech

Rahul Gandhi lectured at Cambridge University on attacks on Indian democracy during his ongoing visit to the UK. The Speaker of Congress’ comments is just one of many instances where he has targeted countries and governments while on foreign soil.

Rahul Gandhi

Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi was a busy man. After completing the 146-day Bharat Jodo Yatra, parliamentary leader and MP Wayanad headed to the UK to give a lecture at his alma mater, the University of Cambridge.


But his speech, “Learning to listen in the 21st century,” sparked controversy, with India’s ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) calling its parliamentary leader “telling people bad things about India.”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has spoken out about Indian democracy in a foreign land and lamented the status quo.

Find out exactly what the MP said in his speech in Cambridge, and also look back at when he attacked his country and countries abroad.

 Rahul Gandhi traveled to England last week to address students at the university’s Judge Business School. The speaker covered a wide range of topics, from his Bharat,   Jodo Yatra to the alleged threats to Indian democracy.

Pegasus Mentioned 

Referring to the Pegasus Snoop controversy, he said many politicians, including himself, had been spied on with Israeli software.

Pegasus Mentioned 

Many political leaders have Pegasus on their phones. I had a Pegasus on my phone. An intelligence official called me and asked me to be careful what I said on the phone while this matter was being recorded,” he claimed.

China Favor?

In his speech, Rahul also spoke about how the Chinese value harmony in society. “The Chinese value harmony as Americans value individual liberty. Individual liberty is not central to Chinese thinking.

Much more important, because they have suffered massive convulsions, a lot of pain, cultural revolutions, civil wars… what they are not doing is uncontrollable, uncontrollable, chaos to come, I hope… “This is just, and it’s just as good for them as individual liberties are for the United States,” said Gandhi of the University of Cambridge.

China Favor

As expected, Rahul Gandhi’s recent speeches abroad, at Cambridge University, and within the British Parliament have generated considerable controversy. His speech should be analyzed critically rather than oscillating between black and white polarities.

Defame Political Discourse

Laundering the country’s interior linen for a foreign audience is a project that requires great nuance and sophistication. Found in defamatory political discourse.

Our politics are so polarized that some of that ends up spilling over into our speeches abroad. However, considering that the reputation and image of the country will ultimately be at stake even if you oppose it, the same can be said for overseas.

Criticize the Indian Government

On the federalism of India Rahul Gandhi gave his statement that in the constitution, India is prescribed and described as a union of states, and that union required negotiation and a conversation.

It is slightly different from any other country, but you can think about it much more at a scale of Europe, with multiple different states that are much, much bigger, requiring a conversation and negotiation to actually move forward.

Rahul Gandhi also attacked the minority, and he stated that you have also heard of the attack on the minority and the attack on the press, so you get a sense of what is going on.

One way I would like to think about it is that in Indian democracy, it is a public good because it is by and for the biggest democracy preserving Indian democracy is more than just about India. It is actually about the democratic structure and democratic system on the planet. He has shared his Bharat judo Yatra, and Rahul Gandhi has also criticized the ruling government.

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