Pathaan Movie Review

Pathaan Movie Review – Directed by Siddharth Anand, PATHAAN is a thriller starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham and is set for release on January 25, 2023. The action spectacle will be published in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Celebrate the Pathaan with the YRF50 alone on the big screen near you! Shah Rukh Khan’s weather-beaten intensity, Grizzly’s charisma, and trademark wit lend Pathaan uncompromising adventure a single-mindedness that avoids mindless chaos, and Scanya Verma rejoices. increase.

Pathaan Movie Review
Pathaan Movie Review

People Preferences 

In almost 24 years of my career, I haven’t seen a tidal wave of enthusiasm for a Shah Rukh Khan release – pre-sale oversupply, police tapes outside theaters, etc.

The hype surrounding his films like Asoka, Devdas, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, and Om Shanti Om is no ordinary phenomenon, and his fight for tickets in his pre-media social era is a legend in its own right. Given that, it says something. Pathaan Movie Review Yet even Shah Rukh stumbled in surprise that Pathaan’s arrival at the theatre took the form of a full-fledged festival.

The excitement of seeing stars appear in new movies has been building ever since Zero’s 2018 release. Make fun of us with every special appearance, the Countdown only grew insane as a result of unwarranted personal blows and controversies.

The sort of event film that marks Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the big screen after a four-year break, Pathaan is an ambitious action thriller for him that flirts with galleries and lives up to the hype. Pathaan starts out looking like a cinematic Mountain Dew commercial and slowly but surely takes hold. Pathaan Movie Review The plot follows India’s repeal of Article 370 (the special status of Jammu and Kashmir) and the impact on Pakistani officers who want India to pay for this “mistake”. 

Story Review 

It turns to the formidable Jim, a former RAW agent who has been wronged by his own people. The three races to destroy and protect the world they each believe in. Director Siddharth Anand overtreats his spy thriller.

Pathaan Movie Review
Pathaan Movie Review

He portrays it like a superhero movie that requires a massive distrust lift—his fascination with mainstream Hollywood blockbusters such as the Marvel movies and Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series. And fanboy worship is evident here.

More and more ridiculous conspiracies are spread across the world like ties and missions. Sharuk Khan delivers the performance with utter enjoyment, shedding light playing here with a wink, a joke instead. There is.) Khan clearly takes his training seriously.

Pathaan Movie Review He’s in an incredibly good mood and his personal trainer probably deserves to share some of his achievements and rewards here.

The movie slackens a bit toward the end and has too many implausible action sequences.

A character jumps out of a helicopter and battles his SUV as it speeds along, and choreography obscures the fundamentals of gravity and physics. Nevertheless, rejoicing ensued:


The loudest scream of all when Salman Khan starred as Tiger, an early film hero in the series. This movie could have been a better killer only if looks could kill a person. It suffers from “war” syndrome, but not too badly. This spy thriller has espionage and thrills, but is that enough? Yes and no. Yes, because they’re good enough to keep you interested for a while, but no, they’re not as smart as you might expect.

Pathaan Movie Review

Siddharth Anand continues to put style high on his priority list, thus hindering the story aspect of the film, which is usually a weak point.  


If war is the norm, this certainly touches on it, but this movie was only a 2.5/5 for me. No twist is given that the character is a duplicate of him in the war. Pathaan Movie Review Its twists and turns recall the days of Abbas Mustang, but it also makes it feel somewhat outdated. reveals a twist plotted in Like bonds and missions, more and more ridiculous conspiracies are spreading around the world.

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