Over 3 Lakh Indian Students to Join UK Universities in 2023: UKScholar Forecast

Immigration Report states a 273% surge in Indian students opting for UK universities owing to

Shorter course duration

Scholarships and Grants

Graduation Immigration Route (2-year post-study work visa)

When considered that just 54000 students visited the UK in 2021, the stats are even more startling. A sixfold increase is therefore expected in 2023.

Over 3 Lakh Indian Students to Join UK Universities in 2023

Commenting on the immigration report released by the government of the United Kingdom, Bharath Kumar Ryaga, the Chief Operating Officer of UKScholar, shared, “The dream of Indian students to work in the UK post their study has made a huge comeback in the post-pandemic world. Because of the Graduation Immigration Route, students who graduate from UK institutions can work there for up to two years without a tier-2 visa! This is a terrific opportunity for Indian students.”

With the number of career options in the UK reaching unprecedented levels, UKScholar provided university and visa consultation services for three times as many Indian students in 2022. Only recently, the University of Essex in the United Kingdom announced itsGREAT Scholarships, valued at 10,000 pounds, for Indian studentsenrolled in any one-year Masters program. To top it off, the UK government has granted 75 fully funded scholarships for Indian students. These scholarships have been announced as part of the “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav“, Indias 75th anniversary of independence.

Correspondingly, it should be noted that in the past few months, both countries have implemented measures for Indian students to gain easier access to visas. The United Kingdom has declared that Indian students will receive their visas within 15 business days. The British High Commissioner, Alex Ellis, referred to it as “great news for the living bridge” because this makes it much easier for individuals to travel between India and the UK.

Unlike the case in the US or Canada, most post-graduate degrees in the UK are for one year. This gives a distinct cost advantage for Indian graduates to pursue a masters degree in a first-world country. Owing to the Graduation Immigration Route, UKScholar believes that Indian students can land lucrative job offers in the UK. This has inspired confidence and trust among students from countries around the globe. If you are a working professional or a recent graduate, progress in your chosen career is your topmost priority. A postgraduate degree from the UK improves the odds of landing up with a dream job in any field.

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