‘Nova’ Heralds a New Dawn of Eco-wakening

Amid mounting global concern about climate change, Dinesh Kshatriyan and Janaga Nandhini, the new parents to be from Tamil Nadu, have set out on a visionary journey of birthing ‘Nova‘, the world’s first carbon-neutral baby!

Nova Worlds First Carbon Neutral Baby

Here’s their inspiring story of love, hope, passion and unwavering determination, symbolising new life, a new awakening, and new green sustainability ideas that endeavour to positively impact the World, even before their baby walks this Earth.

Seedling of a green sustainable future, with Nova!
Nova is not only the brain-child of Dinesh Kshatriyan and Janaga Nandhini, the founders of Seerakku, a brand-new start-up that endeavours to reduce and control human impact on the environment, but their soon-to-be-born first biological child arriving this Spring of 2023. Having pledged to contribute to the global movement of carbon neutrality, the arrival of their first baby has only heightened their passion for reducing their carbon footprint in this society and promoting sustainability.

Project Nova is a multi-faceted initiative that encompasses carbon offsetting, food forestry, and a non-fungible token (NFT). The creation of a food forest is the core of this initiative and it aims at providing sustainable food sources for the present and NextGen by reducing carbon footprints.

Voluntary offset project, making it a reality! How did they achieve it

In pursuit of their dream, Dinesh and Nandhini travelled to Shivalingapuram, a small village located in the heart of the reserve forest in the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu on January 21st 2023. In the past two weeks, the couple, with the help of the local farmers have identified the right location for the food forest, prepped the farmlands by cleaning, levelling, selecting the right mix of trees and plants and eventually planted 1000 food-based trees. This was followed by installing a drip irrigation system, and a meticulous charting of the maintenance and management process, going forward.

Founder Dinesh Kshatriyan unfolds project NOVA for us!

Ours will be the World’s first carbon-neutral baby, literally ‘rooted‘ like a plant and grown for a cause, well-nourished, with healthy thoughts of green for a sustainable World. Not just that! As our baby grows, the food forest will grow along too and remind everyone about the love and hope that inspired the idea of NOVA. Today, as new parents to be, we strongly believe that our soon-to-be-born baby will inspire other parents and their children in making more climate-friendly lifestyle choices, be it in the likes of eating, clothing, travelling or building homes, and becoming a significant part of this global eco-awakening project called ‘Nova‘.

Furthermore, food forests with food-based crops will help generate revenues for farmers with land and reduce carbon emissions. Our food forest, spread across two acres of land, will nurture about 1000 food-based crops including 700 lemon trees, 100 coconut trees and a couple of apple varieties.

Paul Flynn-GROToken Offset Partner, Pasumai Thayagam NGO Partner, Beyond Sustainability Audit Partner, and Neulancers Technical Partner have joined us to strengthen our green hands, to whom we shall be forever grateful. They are the ones who are helping us declare a voluntary carbon offset and mint a certificate in the name of Nova. These green certificates align with the four UN Sustainable Development Goals and represent the importance of individual action in creating a sustainable future. The NFT will serve as a reminder of the love and hope that inspired the NOVA Initiative and symbolise the power of individual action in creating a better world.

About Seerakku

A start-up founded on January 1, 2023, by Dinesh Kshatriyan Seerakku endeavours to reduce human environmental impact with Seerakkus innovative carbon footprint calculator to take control of human carbon legacy today, for a sustainable tomorrow!