Modern Families VS Ancient Families

A person belongs to the family they are born in. They get their last name from it and are taken proper care of. A family basically comprises a mother, father, and siblings. A family is a group of people who share common ancestors and immense love. They have their own way of living life and morals. From birth to the last breath, a family always stays together and supports each other in ups and downs. Modern families VS ancient families is also

They play a very vital role in our overall growth and development and even help in framing kids as an individual. They keep us safe, guard us and always take proper care of our wellbeing. As time is changing we do see some very serious conflicts and changes in the overall behavior of family members.

 As time is passing by the family light is becoming shorter and narrow. People these days do not live in long families nor do they have any intention of creating them. They prefer living a quality life with fewer members in their family.

Difference between modern family and ancient family

During the early 80s and 90’s the usual length and a minimum number of family members were.

An era where the divorce rate was 0 and people used to have their own duties assigned.

It is a false belief that a people who are living closely and visible as connected with each other, as there is nothing is possible as such.

A joint family is a family in which people with their spouse, siblings, and children live together in the same house. They earn together and even spend that money together, as they are even seen with less freedom and more social obligations.

Kids in such families had more support and had someone who always took their care. Grandmothers and grandfathers are considered to be the head of such families. People lived together and shared their happiness and sadness together. Modern Families VS Ancient Families is a topic of discussion as it contains lots of excitements.

The level of stress in the ’80s and ’90s was comparatively low. The level of jealousy and envy was rarely seen. While in the 20s we only see nuclear families or we shall call them modern families.

Modern families are comparatively smaller and have privacy. They do not share private matters with other people and are very selective. In most such cases, both the parents are usually working and a maximum number of family members usually reach the count of 5. Here more freedom and less financial division are seen. Parents are more focused on their kids only and have the least interest in other people.

One of the major reasons for such families is the quality of life they have and their financial status. Earlier it was very easy to buy stuff at a cheaper price and education was not a primary concern, while today families are very much focused on the quality of food and education they provide to their children.

Ancient families were :-

Emotionally attached to one another

Had fewer financial pressures

Had proper job roles 

Didn’t give much focus on the quality of life and education 

Believed in sharing and united 

Didn’t really believe in the concept of privacy 

Which makes them completely opposite to the current modern families.

This even has a major role in the level of attachment among the kids to their relatives.

Children of modern families are more into themselves. They have a least connection with their family members. The wild side of this is visible in big cities where the modern family has an entirely new definition.

We see the birth of new modern families in big cities. They are not even caring towards each other. Both the parents are so busy to even sit and eat together which leaves a major impact on the child’s mind and that’s how they start to see the world.

Communication gap creates pressure of work. You can read here to improve communication gap in employees

To fill the communication gap modern families go out on a vacation which is not visible in ancient families.

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