Media and Their Freedom

Media and Their Freedom – In today’s world, the term media is used in Mass Communication where it is a tool used to store as well as the liver information or data this term media is a part of the mass media communication industry which includes print media audio media video media as well as voice media for example radio channels. Media please a very vital role in our life as it tells us what happening around us as well as around the globe.

It gives us the daily information about a well being, are the functions of a government, and is an important source of entertainment. Lest read more about media and their freedom.

Media and Their Freedom

What is freedom?

Media and Their Freedom – If we go by the legit definition freedom stands for having the ability to change or act the way we want. It is the ability where a person can live his life under his own conditions without taking permission from anybody else.

It does not to the power which one has over all the resources and his own life where he can live life is on his own terms and conditions

Freedom is where one does not have to follow any rules and regulations which are imposed on him by somebody else

If we go in-depth there are types of freedom the academic freedom the intellectual freedom, the economic freedom, freedom of religion political freedom, the freedom of action the freedom of life, the freedom of happiness 

Freedom is an integral and the most important part of one’s life. Details about Media and Their Freedom.

Mass media and freedom

As media gives us and tells us about the best the most important things around us that it is important for media to have freedom in what they wish to show to their audience. 

Here it is called freedom of the breast in India the freedom of the press is legally protected by the amendment of the Constitution in India which involves various laws and principles for the industries as well as for the audience

Media plays a vital role in making people aware of the rides it even exposes the various violations made by the government and famous personalities and brings the attention of people to the areas of major concern 

Media and Their Freedom highlights all the actions which are either positive or negative after Government and keep updating people about their basic human rights 

Although the media is not allowed to show anything extremely violent on any social platform neither spread fake of false news against a celebrity to be same or make them infamous

The freedom of media is limited until they harm the sentiments of a community or a person, and have certain limits to exposing people. We can see the media freedom even in movies on the basis of their rating and categories. Certain movies are for adults only while other are available for kids and can be watched with kids in the movie theatre.

the genre of movies is decided to tell people prior to the kind of content they will be exposed to. Great information for Media and Their Freedom.

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