Is India Suitable for Driverless Cars?

India with its high population on an average faces 27.7% of accidental deaths on daily basis. Every Indian man by the age of 17 or 16 learns to drive and gets their driving license by the age of 18 and 19. After having proper knowledge still we see various extremely deadly and spine-chilling accidents daily. Is India Suitable for Driverless Cars?

We have to blame our traffic control system, our roads, and most importantly the way of driving in India. In India alcohol is one of the major reasons behind the majority of road accidents. In 2020 India recorded more than 35 lakhs road accidents where more than 13 lakhs people die on the spot.

Men have often seen driving drunk at a very high speed which is another major issue while dealing with accidents in India.

Concept of driverless cars!

Driverless cars on the self-driving vehicles are the ones in which human drivers are not required. Can take control to upgrade safely there are also called driverless and combined with various sensors and software which help to control navigate and drive the entire vehicle. These cars have cameras under 10 and artificial intelligence which calculates and operates the entire process.

 The various benefits of having a driverless car are the prevention of car crashes.

 It is even cost-effective. It saves the money of petrol and is traffic efficient. The concept of driverless cars is very famous in this current era. It is the creation of Billionaire Elon Musk. He introduced the brand Tesla which is completely based on driverless cars in the world.  Driverless cars are even environmentally beneficial as they save a lot of fuel and can we add up to a 20% of improvement in fuel consumption.

Disadvantages of driverless cars!

 One of the most important disadvantages of driverless cars is the no acceptance from the public. India is a country that has a low level of trust. Would not trust Technology with their safety it is even extremely prone to lead is hacking which is very easy and we cannot ignore the high price range.

 for a middle-class man, it is not so easy to buy a completely driverless electric car.

 and India being a developing country a drive on this car would require a very high-speed internet which is not possible as we often have various glitches due to various weather conditions and maintenance.

Is India suitable for driverless cars?

The traffic on Indian roads is diverse due to the presence of various vehicles such as cycle authority and various other animals such as cows dogs and cats,  a car that is completely technology-based might not able to recognize the various road bumps as well animals which are present on the road.

 all the required some extent of human monitoring which is extremely important in the time of certain emergencies or some glitches due to climate changes.

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