Is Digitalization Making Us Dumber Or Smarter?

Technology plays a very important role in our life. We use it everywhere every time. we don’t realize how our life and style is revolving around acknowledging Technology and every aspect of it in this century. It is an important segment in society, security, Health Care, and productivity. Is digitalization making us dumber or smarter?

 We can’t take Technology for granted as it controls our life completely.

we don’t have to realize but Technology is something our daily life, our careers, personal relationships completely depend on, with the help of improved technology we are able to connect with people around the world,  have trade as well as form connections.

But the question is, is technology making us smarter?

here the answer to this question is very difficult we cannot come to a conclusion about whether the technology has made us smarter or dumber. On one hand, making us smarter enough to come up with more variations as well as the development in the field of Technology.

We get knowledge through various sources of technology. It is the only source these days to provide us entertainment as well as help us with various dimensions of development. Yes, it eases one’s life, the kids these days are using it for every answer and every query.

Technology plays a very important role in lives and is the most important factor in some industries such as defense, education, food, and healthcare.

How technology makes us smarter

By helping us to get every answer. One biggest aspect of this technological development is the birth of the internet which is used all over the world. People are even obsessed with it and can’t spend a single day without surfing on it.

Technology motivates people to bring new changes and development of it, which results in good quality of education. It helps us to become more flexible with our work and work from anywhere efficiently.

Technology helps us to stay connected and always share content and knowledge. There are numerous sites available on the internet that are meant to enhance the knowledge bank of a person. 

It plays a major role in the project management skills of a human. It helps in organizing life and keeping a track of the daily routine and tasks. Our memory often forgets things but technology is made in such a way that it keeps track of everything. Such as storing location data, passwords, etc which eases one life and avoids the unnecessary mess. Again a question arises Is Digitalization Making Us Dumber Or Smarter?

Ways technology makes us dumber

The excess use of technology affects our sleep schedule which does have a later impact on our body and health. The various gadgets which are present in our room emits various kinds of radiation which affects the hormones and the functioning of our body in the long term.

 The distraction which comes from it is incomparable. Social media and the music often tend to steal our time which was supposed to be dedicated to our work.

Due to the dependence on technology, we often tend to forget basic data and pieces of information. For example, kids these days do not focus on learning the multiplication tables rather they simply use calculators which in some way affects their mental ability to do tasks.

Riks of having Alzheimer’s disease. We all are very much used to using GPS when we step out. This can affect us and make us fully dependent on it, this can bring various problems while traveling alone or during the shutdown of the internet facility.

Getting addicting is another way that affects our psychology. People now a day tend to play online games and have virtual conversations weather than playing outside on the fields and talking in person. This can overshadow their overall personality and affects their communication skills.

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