Hazarat Ali Birthday 2023

Hazarat Ali Birthday – His Birthday is celebrated on 4th February in honor of the day of the presentation of Ali ibn Abu Talib who is acknowledged to be the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and moreover the first Iman by the Shia Muslims. The day is also, thusly, known as Imam Ali’s birthday.

Hazrat Ali is an esteemed person in Islam and is profoundly respected in India and the enormous Muslim population. It is a public occasion in Iran and furthermore a restricted occasion in India.

History, Significance, and Traditions of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazarat Ali Birthday
Hazarat Ali Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s introduction to the world date is commended and adored. His parents were Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asda. Hazarat Ali Birthday He was brought into the world to them inside the precincts of the Kabba’s blessed sanctuary in Mecca (a sacred spot for Muslims in Islam).

The cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad are accepted to have been the first male to embrace Islam, and many trust him to be the first Muslim. He battled with Muhammad in many battles that suppressed the rise of the early Muslim communities. At the point when he moved to Medina, he wedded Fatimah, the girl of Muhammad, and turned her into his son-in-regulation.

Ali blessed the head or Caliph (in Islam) after Uthman ibn Affan slew the previous Caliph. Ali controlled successfully till 661 when he managed a severe hit to his head. Ibn Muljam hit Hazrat Ali with a harmful sword when he was offering prayers in the Incomparable Mosque of Kufa. Hazarat Ali Birthday This mosque is situated in Iraq right now. He kicked the bucket on the nineteenth day of Ramadan.

The sects of Shias and Sunnis respect Hazrat Ali, respected and he is respected among Muslims for his boldness, uprightness, beliefs, honesty, and dedication to Islam. In this manner, the Sunnis consider him the fourth Rashidun Caliph, while the Shias see him as the foremost Caliph and Imam after Prophet Muhammad.

The Shias and Sunnis vary in the way they venerate Hazrat Ali; both concur that he was a passionate Muslim devoted to Islam and spreading the message. Besides, they consider him a daring and upstanding ruler who followed the Quran and the Sunnah principles.

Hazarat Ali Birthday
Hazarat Ali Birthday

As per the Islamic schedule, when Nasiru al-Racket Shah reigned in Iran, Hazrat Ali’s introduction to the world date was proclaimed an authority occasion. Notwithstanding, it is a restricted occasion in India. Hazarat Ali Birthday Subsequently, Hazrat Ali’s birthday is praised as Hazrat Ali Jayanti in Uttar Pradesh, where it is proclaimed a public occasion.

He is known to be very faithful to Prophet Mohammed, had a scholarly brain, was courageous, and by and large sympathetic in times of war. It is said that later on at 59 years old, he was assassinated while he was offering his prayers in the Incomparable Mosque of Kufa. It is accepted that he was struck hard by a Kharijite with a poisonous sword in his mind.

When is Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Celebrated

Hazrat Ali’s birthday, 2023 Islamic date falls on Saturday, 4 February 2023. Hazrat Ali’s introduction to the world date is based on the Islamic religion’s lunar schedule. 


Hazrat Ali’s introduction to the world date is praised in India and different parts of the world with a prevailing Muslim populace. Hazarat Ali Birthday An occasion of euphoria and happiness is praised as a day to delight in the uprightness, commitment, and honesty of Hazrat Ali to the Islam religion.

Families and friends get together to offer prayers to the neighborhood mosque. Elaborate food preparations are made at homes where families and friends get together to discuss and recollect the incredible accomplishment of Hazrat Ali.

Hazarat Ali Birthday
Hazarat Ali Birthday

Youngsters are helped by his greatness and commitment to Islam’s engendering on the planet when it faces suppression. Mosques held discourses on how he served alongside Muhammad and was faithful to him. They also stress the significance of his introduction to the world in Mecca’s holiest spot and coordinate feasts and prayers.

Mosques are enriched and illuminated. Various parts of the world celebrate it in an unexpected way. Be that as it may, all sects of Muslims consider it a joyous occasion to commend a youngster’s introduction to the world inside the blessed precincts since its establishment more than a thousand years. Hazarat Ali Birthday In many places, Qawallis are held to praise the accomplishment of Hazrat Ali.


1. Is Hazrat Ali’s Birthday a bank occasion in India?

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday is a restricted bank occasion in India.

2. How did Hazrat Ali pass on?

Hazrat Ali was assassinated while supplicating in the Incomparable Mosque of Kufa by a Kharijite.

3. When and where Hazrat Ali was conceived?

Hazrat Ali was brought into the world as Ali ibn Abi Talib on 15 September 601 in Mecca, Hijaz, Arabia.

4. At what age did Hazrat Ali pass on?

Hazrat Ali passed on at 59 years old years on 29 January 661.

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