Hariyali Teej: Celebration in different states

Teej is the common term for a variety of Hindu women’s festivities. Haryali Teej and Hartalika Teej, which greet the monsoon climate with music, dance, and devotional ceremonies, are largely enjoyed by girls and women. Teej monsoon festival mostly focuses on Parvati and her Marriage to Shiva. So lets read more about the why we celebrate Hariyali Teej.

 In honor of Teej, many women fast. Hartalika Teej is a festival that every Nepali celebrate in the country also as well as most of North India. Teej celebrations are historically held by women to commemorate the monsoon climate during the Hindu months period of Shravan and Bhadrapada. Also during Teej, women frequently worship Parvati and Shiva.

Why we Celebrate Hariyali Teej?

Hariyali Teej, a monsoon celebration, commemorates Lord Shiva’s marriage to Deity. It celebrates Lord Shiva’s acceptance of Deity Parvati’s affection for him.

Goddess Parvati had 108 Reincarnations in Hindu mythology before Lord Shiva ultimately acknowledged her devotion and wedded her. It is a fan of the Deity’s devotion.

Teej is particularly significant because many think that Goddess announced on this day that fasting and doing specific customs will grant women a blissful married life.

Teej is primarily a festival in which Hindu women in Northern and Western India wishes for their husbands’ good life. Women dress dressed in full garb, with green as the predominant color – as the term Hariyali Teej suggests. Monsoon festival provides plenty of Vegetation to the area, also green color denotes Monsoon.

Gifts are historically provided to the daughter’s home by her mother. Ladies and girls in the house gets gifts by In-Laws and other relatives. Many daughters go to their parents’ residence during Raksha Bandhan and then depart.

Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan all enjoy Haryali Teej. Chandigarh also celebrates the occasion.


The city of Chandigarh undertakes special preparations for Teej celebrations in the city’s Rock Garden. On this day, students perform plays and other artistic activities. Particularly the daughters gets the presents and clothes by members of the family.


Haryali Teej is a well-known Haryana event. The Haryana government hosts several events to commemorate this occasion, which ushers in the rainfall. Boys used to fly kites from dawn to sunset, but owing to excessive structures and a shortage of rooftop space, this custom is fading in big cities.


Teej also referred to as Teeyan in Punjab is a yearly event commemorating the arrival of the monsoon.

The event, which lasts from the 3rd day of the shining half of the lunar month of Sawan on the Bikrami calendar through the full moon of Sawan, is observed by women of all religions. Teeyan entails a gathering of ladies to conduct Gidda, as well as wedded women seeing their relatives and getting presents. Swinging is also a popular pastime for women.


We celebrate Teej in the months of Shravan to greet the monsoon. The rainstorms fall on the dry plains, filling the air with the pleasant aroma of wet earth. Swings are strung from branches. Women wearing green perform songs in honor of the monsoon’s arrival. 

Pursuers of marital love and pleasure adore Parvati.

On this festive occasion, an extravagant parade is held in Jaipur for two consecutive days. A large crowd is the witness. The Teej idol has a canopy over it, whereas the Gangaur idol is open. The occasion is also related to the customary ghevar sweet.

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