GigChain Transforming Lives of Blue and Grey Collar Workers in India

India is witnessing a significant growth in the number of blue and grey-collar workers, who form the backbone of the countrys manufacturing and service sectors. These workers, who perform skilled and unskilled labour, are experiencing a surge in demand as more companies establish their manufacturing facilities and outsource their operations to India. This trend is creating new employment opportunities, promoting skill development, and boosting economic growth of the country. However, this growth has also brought about challenges, such as labour rights violations and inadequate social security measures.

The Indian gig market has seen a surge in demand for gig workers, as businesses are seeking flexible and cost-effective workforce solutions. However, there are several challenges that gig workers face, such as lack of job security, low wages, and limited access to benefits. Moreover, employers often struggle to find reliable gig workers who possess the required skills.

GigChain, an enterprise tech solutions company, has disrupted the way blue and grey-collar workers are perceived in India by providing location-based sales, store-onboarding operations, stock audits, and workforce management to organizations. The companys customer-centric approach assists organizations in employing blue and grey-collar workers, also known as gig workers, to do location-based low-level jobs such as security guards, retail shop workers, factory workers, delivery boys, and more.

GigChain identifies and empowers blue and grey-collar talent as micro-entrepreneurs under the safety net of a trusted brand, which aims to create an environment where the best of Bharat’s ground-level talents get a potential chance to deliver substantial outcomes for client companies. GigChain offers giggers, a conscious work environment and ongoing assistance to complete tasks with maximum efficiency, resulting in 3-4X monthly pay for gig workers. The company has already roped in over 55,000 verified giggers across India, with maximum traction coming from the northern part of India.

GigChains team of over 22 experts provide significant solutions to over 27 client companies, with gig workers trained and certified for the model. Additionally, the company has had a strong growth trajectory, achieving over Rs. 100 crores in overall revenue in FY 2021-22. GigChain plans to achieve the Rs. 800 crore revenue mark by scaling its operations in the offline retail space in the next two years.

GigChain offers various benefits to gig workers, including higher earnings, steady networks, part-time and full-time job options, flexibility in choosing work timing, and career development prospects. The company has worked with a diverse range of clients across industries, such as e-commerce, finance, food and beverage, lifestyle, and retail. However, despite the significant growth in demand for gig workers, there are several challenges that gig workers face, such as lack of job security, low wages, and limited access to benefits.