Family Planning In India

We Indians are considered shy and introverts still we are a total 138 crores in number. The second most populated country in the world after China. Family Planning In India should be the first thing we should consider.

India is a country with great and high family values and ethics. We have certain rules and regulations which we follow. Also people stay together under the same roof till the time they are actually married.

In a country like India, which is still a developing country, planning is very important. It is one of the most important parts of life in order to survive and live happily in this country. From planning about education to money-saving to planning for a family, everything and every step play a major role. Also Family Planning In India is required for its economy balance.

Family planning

Family planning is the ability of a newlywed couple to decide when to have kids and expand their family.

 It is a proper method of deciding the adequate space and time for the birth of the children to ensure the proper growth. Proper Care for the new mother as well as the Infant should be followed.

 Family planning is extremely essential. It decides about when or if they would like to have children to whom it is important to provide necessary education counseling as well as daily essential.

There are various reasons involved that make family planning a very important decision because:

To focus on the maternal health 

Reduce the number of unnecessary Abortions.

Prevention of various Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV, and AIDS.

Empowering women and understanding their bodies And many more. The list is so huge which mentions why proper planning of a family is important as it involves the degree of family and father’s involvement as well.

Advantages of family planning!

It gives proper space to the mother for complete body growth and development and to have a better mental state. This even helps couples to save enough money in order to provide the basis and important things to the baby for their proper growth and development.

It avoids unnecessary pregnancies which eventually lead to abortions which do have various side effects on the women. It helps in educating the entire family about the various changes the baby would bring to the house in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Role of a father in family planning!

The father who is the basic and major supporter of the family has to always consider the physical health of the mother.

During the entire pregnancy, it is the father who is the closest to the lady and can understand the various complications and problems which she faces. During this whole time, the men have to gain socially and economically in order to provide the life their child deserves.

After the birth, even husbands take proper care and give full attention to the new mothers and the little newcomer to the family. This is the most crucial phase as the lady recovers from the post-pregnancy trauma and the various other medical issues.

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