Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution and its consequences 

We humans live in a society, a biosphere that includes, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere which all collectively is called the environment. Environmental pollution and its consequences are disastrous in the coming Future.

But with the passage of time, we human beings due to activities as well as globalization tend to pollute our environment. Which is the most important thing for our survival of us on the planet Earth.

Environmental pollution is the contamination of the physical and biological components of the atmosphere system. So such an extreme extent that later affects our Physical health.

There are four types of major kinds of pollution which are  classified under various categories such as

1. Air pollution 

2. Water pollution

3.  Land pollution  

As well as chemical pollution. The modern society in which we live is developing day by day. It is a basic concern for the atmosphere.

Apart from the above-mentioned pollution types, there are other pollutants also which affect our planet as well as the living creatures. Such as noise pollution, Light Pollution, plastic pollution and thermal pollution. 

The pollution even causes changes in our natural processes such as degradation and decomposition due to the pollution in soil and Dispersion of various chemicals.

The nature itself is not behind in contributing to  pollution but in a positive way,  natural events such as forest fire ,active volcanoes, earthquakes as well as Tsunami can cause  pollution and imbalance in our environment

Air pollution and its impact

Air pollution – It is the mixture of solid particles and gasses present in the air. These harmful gasses are basically car emissions. We do have a protection layer called as Ozone layer which is the gas and forms a major part of air to protect us from the various UV rays  coming from the Sun. Smog which is similar to fog but does have health issues. Environmental pollution and its consequences are concerned with the impact on the environment of various types of product release.

These air pollutants are extremely poisonous and inhaling them can cause diseases people suffering from heart and lung diseases are at greater risk from air pollution.

Soil pollution and its effects

It is a mixture of various pebbles and soil types. Soil pollution is defined as the presence of chemicals, the pollutants and the contaminants in the soil in high concentrations which tend to affect the human health, growth of plants and the system as well as the various microorganisms living in it.

The various chemicals which are released from our household basically goes and mixes with the soil which makes it pollutant such inorganic ions and salt for example carbonates and nitrates as well as very organic compounds such as lipids, proteins, fatty acids and alcohols  which pollute our soil.

When the amount of soil contaminants exceeds the natural level pollution is generated which causes the  death of microorganisms present in the soil. It is very essential to understand that the major pollutants are man-made.

Initiatives by govt to  save our earth 

In order to protect our environment the government has launched various scheme to make make our country greener and cleaner

World Environment Day is observed every year on June 5 and the theme of 2021 was ecosystem restoration so,

The various schemes launched by the government of India to protect our ecosystem are 

1. Namami gange programme

2. Green skill development program

3. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

4. Nagar van scheme.

5. Analysis bhujal yojana

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