Which is the Deadliest Earthquake in the World

Deadliest Earthquake in the World – The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal and India on Saturday has shaken both countries. The epicenter of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake was near Kathmandu, due to which signals were also felt in cities across India. There is a possibility of death of about ten thousand people in Nepal due to this terrible earthquake.

Deadliest Earthquake in the World
Deadliest Earthquake in the World

81 years ago, there was Nepal Thuraya in the same way, in which more than 10,000 people were killed. But, some such earthquakes also occurred in the world, due to which millions of people died.

The first such earthquake occurred in Haiti on January 12, 2010. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake killed 3,16,000 people and changed the history and geography of this country forever.

 The second earthquake occurred on 27 July 1976 in Tangshan, China. 2,42,769 people were affected by the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5.

The third earthquake occurred on 26 December 2004 in Sumatra, Indonesia with a magnitude of 9.1 involving 2,27,898. It affected many countries and affected the life of the people here. The fourth such devastating earthquake occurred on 16 December 1920 in Taiyuan, China, with a magnitude of 7.8, killing 200,000 people.

 The fifth major earthquake occurred on 1 September 1923 in Kanto, Japan, with a magnitude of 7.9, and killed 1,42,800 people. Due to the loss of life, it can be considered the most destructive earthquake in the world. But in terms of loss of wealth and destruction, other earthquakes also occurred.

Similar earthquakes have happened in India and the information about what happened is a matter of concern. The most devastating earthquake in India in recent years occurred in Gujarat. On January 26, 2001, when the president was taking the banner on the 52nd republic day in the capital New Delhi, far away from there in Gujarat, 23.40 latitude and 70.32 longitudes and 23.6 km on the surface.

There was a strong shock of earthquake at the depth of. It turned the euphoric mood of the nation into a national depression. It may be noted that the 2001 Gujarat earthquake killed 30,000 people and completely destroyed several towns in Gujarat.

Deadliest Earthquake in the World
Deadliest Earthquake in the World

 This was the strongest earthquake to hit India since the 15 august 1950 earthquake. That 8.5 magnitude earthquake in northern Assam killed 11,538 people. In 1897 another earthquake in Shillong Kera had a magnitude of 8.7. Both these earthquakes were so strong that the rivers changed their course. Not only this, there was a change in the relationship of the land and the stones rose upwards.

 In the year 1905, 20,000 people died in the Kangra earthquake in Himachal. Whereas the year 1993 Latur (Maharashtra) earthquake killed more than 9,000 people. In 2005, an earthquake hit Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in which 1,30,000 people were killed. In the year 1934, 30,000 people lost their lives in the Bihar earthquake.

A Portion of the Deadliest Earthquake in the World Since 2000:

• June 22, 2022: In Afghanistan, in excess of 1100 individuals kick the bucket in a magnitude 6.1 tremor.

• Aug 14, 2021: In Haiti, a magnitude 7.2 quake kills in excess of 2200 individuals.

• Sept 28, 2018: A magnitude 7.5 seismic tremor hits Indonesia, killing in excess of 4300 individuals.

• Aug 24, 2016: A magnitude 6.2 seismic tremor in focal Italy kills in excess of 300 individuals.

• April 25, 2015: In Nepal, in excess of 8800 individuals are killed by a magnitude 7.8 quake.

• Aug 3, 2014: A magnitude 6.2 seismic tremor close to Wenping, China, kills in excess of 700 individuals.

• Sept 24, 2013: A magnitude 7.7 tremor strikes southwest Pakistan, killing in excess of 800 individuals

• Walk 11, 2011: A magnitude of 9.0 shake off the upper east shoreline of Japan and sets off a torrent, killing in excess of 20,000 individuals.

• Feb 27, 2010: A magnitude 8.8 shudder shakes Chile, creating a wave and killing 524 individuals.

• Jan 12, 2010: In Haiti, a stunning 316,000 individuals are killed by a magnitude 7.0 tremor, as per government gauges.

• Sept 30, 2009: In excess of 1100 individuals kick the bucket when a magnitude 7.5 tremor hits southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Portion of the Deadliest Earthquake in the World
A portion of the Deadliest Earthquake in the World

• April 6, 2009: A magnitude 6.3 shudder kills in excess of 300 individuals in and around L’Aquila, Italy.

• May 12, 2008: A magnitude 7.9 shake strikes eastern Sichuan in China, bringing about more than 87,500 passings.

• Aug 15, 2007: A magnitude 8.0 tremor close to the bank of focal Peru kills in excess of 500 individuals.

• May 26, 2006: In excess of 5700 individuals kick the bucket when a magnitude 6.3 shake raises a ruckus around the town of Java, Indonesia.

• Oct 8, 2005: A magnitude 7.6 tremor kills north of 80,000 individuals in Pakistan’s Kashmir district.

• Walk 28, 2005: A magnitude 8.6 tremor in northern Sumatra in Indonesia kills around 1300 individuals.

• Dec 26, 2004: A magnitude 9.1 tremor in Indonesia sets off an Indian Sea torrent, killing 230,000 individuals in twelve nations.

• Dec 26, 2003: A magnitude 6.6 quake hits south-eastern Iran, bringing about 50,000 passings.

• May 21, 2003: In excess of 2200 individuals are killed in a magnitude 6.8 seismic tremor in Algeria.

• Walk 25, 2002: Around 1000 individuals are killed in a magnitude 6.1 shake in northern Afghanistan.

• Jan 26, 2001: A magnitude 7.7 shake strikes Gujarat in India, killing 20,000 individuals.

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